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Create The Perfect Country Garden With These Finishing Touches

Whether you’ve just moved to the country, or you live in a town or suburb and what to create the effect, it’s a lot easier than you think to not only design the perfect garden but maintain it. Country gardens always have that beautifully classic look about them, as if they’ve stepped right out of a Jane Austen novel. They can look beautiful, even when they’re not attached to a country house. So if you’ve always wanted to create an intricate and delicate garden, you can do it by focusing on the design, look and feel.

Grow Vegetables

One of the beauties of having a country garden is the ability to be able to grow vegetables. Of course, you could create a patch in a garden anywhere, but when it’s in a country garden, the vegetables benefit from the fresh air, the wildlife and the quality of the soil. You can even learn to produce your own food quite easily; it will just take a little time and patience. It also helps that a vegetable patch looks so rustic too.

Plant Wildflowers

Country gardens are often full of all kinds of plants and flowers; what you choose can often be down to your own tastes. However, it’s hard not to agree that wildflowers are the best fit. When you look at some of the prettiest country gardens, they often have flowers that grow wildly but are made to look that way. To recreate this classic look, find a range of wildflowers in your local garden centre that are to your likings and plant away.

Store With Style

Often, many elements of a typical country garden will look as if they’re for show when really, they’re working features. As many country homes, potentially including the one you live in, feature wood burning fireplaces or heating systems. For that reason, many people have the need to store firewood, and the garden can come in handy for that. Once you find firewood near you, you may then need to build somewhere to store it, so that it can be accessed easily, but also look lovely too.

Encourage Wildlife

Another selling feature of country life, and in fact creating a country garden, is often the wildlife you can attract. Nothing quite beats sitting outside on a mild summer’s morning and watching the birds and the bees, trying to spot rabbits and other animals while you’re there. So, to hurry the process along, you can plant certain flowers, add in a bird bath, or put out seed and see what animals stop by.

Add A Bench

Closely related to the idea of watching wildlife is having somewhere to do it from. It’s likely that you’ll have some sort of outdoor dining facilities to enjoy barbeques from, but you might also want to think about adding in a garden bench. They can look lovely dotted around the garden, hidden away in the wildflower, and will also give you the perfect spot to read in, take a break on, and enjoy your garden from.

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