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Crazy Eggz Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

One of the things that can make rainy days with the kids so difficult is them being unable to expend any of the surplus energy that they have built up. There is no way that they can spend days on end without burning if off, yet equally I couldn’t cope with them running around the house like mad things. That’s where I think more physical games can really come in handy – they allow the kids to get a bit physical but in a ‘contained’ way – helping a mum who really needs order to stay sane!

Crazy Eggz is one such game – a fun, physical and slightly mad game, contained in a very cool box, that actually also requires a level of skill and concentration! Crazy Eggz is a chicken / egg themed game (no great surprise there!), which is contained in what looks like a standard supermarket egg box. The box contains nine orange hollow rubber eggs, one heavier, solid blue rubber egg, an egg cup and two large dice (one action die, one body die).

Because the game is so attractively and unusually packaged, the kids couldn’t wait to get cracking (haha – cracking – get it?) with trying it out. Initially, we thought the instructions for the game sounded a little complicated. They’re not, but it’s one of those games that makes a lot more sense as you play it, and once the game is in full flow, it runs really well.

The basic premise of the game is to balance and hold a number of the rubber eggs at various points on your body (in your armpit, under your chin, the crook of your elbow etc.), all whilst performing physical tasks, dictated by the roll of the dice, without dropping any of your eggs. Any dropped eggs go back into the egg box, and once you have successfully stowed five eggs about your person, you are then given the opportunity for a victory celebration – perform it correctly and you win, drop some of your eggs and those eggs go back into the box and the race to five continues. The blue egg, being heavier, is easier to drop, but the risk may be worth it as in the event of a tie, the holder of the blue egg is the victor.

We thought this game was fabulous fun! It is for 2-4 players, aged 7+ and my 7 and 9-year-old daughters thought it was absolutely hilarious, if a little frustrating at times. The rolls of the die dictates first the action die to decide what the action challenge is to win the egg, then the body die to determine where on their body they have hold their won egg. The issue is that as the game goes on, it becomes harder and harder to perform the challenges quickly without dropping the eggs and it becomes a trade off between being quick and being careful.

The shrieks of laughter from the kids when we were playing this game, I think, were testament to just how much fun this game is! The components are all great quality and with the eggs being rubber, they won’t split or break – they should stand up to a lot of being dropped. And they will be dropped a lot! The physical challenges include standing up and spinning round, shouting cock-a-doodle-doo and being the first to grab certain game components. We also added in a couple of our own for extra difficultly like jumping on the spot and spinning on one foot, which we thought made the game even more frustrating as it was so much easier to drop the eggs!

We thought this was a cracking (sorry – had to get that ‘yolk’ in again) way to spend the afternoon and it does get the kids a bit more physical than a lot of the games we have in the house, whilst not encouraging them to go too mad as they have to be careful not to drop their eggs.

I’m sure we’ll be playing this game a lot in the summer holidays, both indoors and also outdoors when the weather is a bit better. The unusually and highly themed packaging is also a great selling point for this game and I think mean it would also make a brilliant and unusual gift too.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18.26

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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