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Crafty Chefs Barnet is dedicated to making cooking fun for children. We run workshops for children of all ages and also have tailor made ones for toddlers. We work in private venues, nurseries and schools and also do events such as food festivals. We have worked for a national newspaper, charities and also offer Duke of Edinburgh and student survival courses.

We run holiday workshops during Half Term, Christmas, Easter and the summer and also do children's birthday and tea parties. We have special recipes created for children with food allergies.

Cooking is a valuable life skill and with today’s rising obesity rates, it is imperative that we give our children a head start in life to develop the skills and interest of making home cooked food. We use fresh ingredients and make both savoury and a sweet treats. Although we are very pro healthy eating, it is equally as important not to deny children home made sweets so they can learn how to balance the two.

Our classes develop confidence, encourage creativity, explore different cultures and also touch upon subjects in Science, Maths and other areas of the curriculum.

If you are a parent, why not book one of our workshops or cupcake, biscuit, tea or chocolate parties today?

Schools and nurseries get in touch so we can assist you with your cooking needs.

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