Cornish Daisy Microfleece Blanket Review

Microfleece Blanket
Royal Blue with White Star

Reviewed by Shelley Owens

Christmas arrived a week early in the Owens household in the form of a Cornish Daisy microfleece blanket. In a bold shade of blue with white stars, it arrived beautifully folded and tied up with a bright yellow organdie ribbon.

As with any new clothing or blankets the first thing I wanted to do was to wash it. You will notice that the only label on the fleece is the brand label – all care instructions are on a card attached by the ribbon so take care not to discard it!

Deciding who to use the blanket on was easy, after a house full of pink princesses we have a boy in our midst so I thought it would make a nice change to go all traditional on him – it's usually pink, purple or lemon for the poor boy! 

The week the blanket arrived we moved into our new, rather cold house and Teddy's new fleece became his constant companion! Perfect for tucking him into his bouncer chair, big enough to keep him snug and warm whilst out in the buggy and ideal for keeping him cosy in his car seat. Being one of those babies who likes a "snuggly" this is the perfect blanket for him, he soon developed the knack of grabbing the corner and rubbing it against his face!

Babies are not the cleanest of creatures so it won't surprise you to know we have really put the blanket through its paces!  Washed and dried several times a week, it shows no signs of "bobbling" in spite of Teddy's incessant face rubbing!

It has been everywhere with us and we have had some lovely comments on the colour and style of the blanket. 

At £11.99, it is a little more expensive than some fleeces, however, it has more than proved its worth. I am all for value for money and I do think its worth paying a little extra for the beautiful presentation, the durability and the bold, funky, modern pattern – it would make a perfect new baby gift! And they are all handmade in Cornwall.

Teddy and I give this blanket a 5 out of 5, all we need to do now is pick which one of the fabulous designs to buy for his twin sister!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Cornish Daisy in several different styles here.

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