Conscious Chocolate – Chocolate Coated Nibbles Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

I am a huge fan of chocolate, and an even bigger fan of reviewing it.  This company is much more sophisticated than your supermarket brands, making it an indulgent adult treat. Their raw vegan chocolate is made using ethically sourced ingredients, so you are paying for this quality and attention to detail.  I was sent samples from the Conscious chocolate coated nibbles range. The collection comprises three small cardboard packets, each containing 50g of either chocolate brazil nuts, salted chocolate dates or chocolate orange figs.

I love the ethos of this company; all packaging is plastic free and recyclable, natural dyes are used in the coloured printing and renewable energy sources are used when making these treats. This range is free from gluten, dairy, soya and refined sugars which is a revelation!

Of all three, the Chocolate Orange Figs are my favourite!  Sweet, juicy pieces of fig covered in slightly bitter dark chocolate. They have a dusting of cacao powder over the top so they have that dry, smooth feeling (like the cornflour on jelly babies). The chocolate has just the right amount of orange, and you can still smell it when you inhale after swallowing it! There is a slight crunch from the salt and the hint of coconut coming through which is very subtle. There is also a slightly gritty substance within the chocolate, I am unsure what it is but possibly bits of cinnamon as it has a more woody taste than the salt. Honestly I could eat these all day! They are my new favourite treat. My only complaint is that they didn’t come in a bigger bag. I will definitely be buying these again.

The Brazils were also lovely. The same bitter chocolate but this time it wasn’t very sweet at all, so good for those serious about their bitter, dark tasting chocolate. Again dusted with cacao powder, but I didn’t get the hint of coconut blossom in these and the brazils themselves were very subtly sweet. I did like these, but probably could only eat 3 or 4 at a time, which to be honest is a good amount of brazils and chocolate for a healthy brain. So the perfect amount to calm the craving without over doing it.

The salted chocolate dates were very moreish. I did feel that they had a little too much cacoa powder coating, however the chocolate was lovely and sweet compared to the brazils and the dates were yummy. They taste like salted caramel, but you have to chew! If you don’t chew you just get the bitter powder coat, but once you start chewing it is a completely different flavour and the texture is spot on! I can see myself craving more of these later, but because they are so sweet again you don’t need as many.

The balance of flavours and textures is very clever, and although I am a huge fan of chocolate covered nuts, my favourites in this case were actually the figs and dates. Normally with chocolate covered fruit I don’t like the artificial taste or squishy texture but these were spot on! Well done!

If you’re looking for good quality vegan ingredients and a product that ticks boxes in terms of company ethics then this product is well worth the price. A perfect “just because” treat to put a smile on anyone’s face.
It is perhaps priced a little high for the amount of product you receive so I deducted just half a point.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £6.99

This product can be purchased from Conscious Chocolate here.

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