Come Back Dear Sun by Geena Bean Review

Illustrated by Cheri Webber

Reviewed by David Savage

Come Back Dear Sun is a wonderful children’s book written by Geena Bean in rhyme. It tells the story of the sun going missing as it feels under-appreciated as children no longer go out to play, they are too busy staying indoors watching television or playing video games. It is also beautifully illustrated by Cherri Webber.

8 year old Kaylee and her 6 year old sister, Mattie, are missing the sun. The dark and rainy days are making everybody miserable so they devise a plan for a sleepover in the hope that they can get the moon to persuade the sun to come back.

Overall this is a beautifully written and illustrated story with an underlying message of trying to get children out of the house and to play outside, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

In this day and age when too many children stay indoors with their phones, tablets, computers, television and games consoles this is a clever story to send the message that they also need to play outside.

A very impressive, well-written story that will appeal to children and adults. Younger children will also like the rhyming story and the colourful illustrations. While only 36 pages it packs a powerful message without preaching.

Very enjoyable, highly recommended and you just can’t help singing along with the rhyme.

So put down your electronic devices, take this book into the garden or park and soak up the sunshine while reading this great story.

About the author
As a long-time  nanny, Geena Bean has found a need to encourage innovative free play outdoors and the development of a child’s curiosity and imagination, which was the norm before the age of advanced technologies. She strongly believes in the importance of imaginative play outdoors.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy in paperback and Kindle edition from Amazon here.

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