Colour-in Zoo Animals T-Shirt Review

ColourinZooTShirtColour-in Zoo Animals T-Shirt

Reviewed by Deborah Girling

“Wow, a t-shirt that I can actually draw on!” were the first words out of my 7 year old daughter’s mouth when I showed her this t-shirt and fabric pen set.

Arriving in an attractive tissue paper parcel, the first thing I noticed was the excellent quality of the t-shirt. It was lovely and soft and not at all thin or flimsy. It was also true to size. The picture on the front was of a rhino, giraffe, panda, tiger and owl. They were lovely and large and the print was also of a good quality. My daughter commented that the owl seemed an odd choice in amongst the other types of animals but that was a minor detail as I guess they would all be found in a zoo! The set contained 5 fabric pens: red, green, yellow, pink and blue.

At first, my daughter tried to colour the animals in their ‘correct’ colour but struggled a little with the choice of pens. Then she discovered that the colours mix quite well so that enabled her to use purple and orange. Unfortunately this left the tips a little discoloured. After trying unsuccessfully to mix a brown, she decided to just have fun with it and make the animals multi-coloured!

The pens are quite chunky so it needed a careful hand to colour in some of the smaller shapes but my daughter coped with that just fine. She thought it might be tricky for younger children to colour in as the fabric moved about as she tried to colour. She soon found a solution to this in holding the fabric firmly between her fingers. The pens seemed to be durable. There were no signs of them running out after the picture had been coloured.

The finished article looked really effective. My daughter liked the fact that there was space around the boarders and the back of the t shirt to create her own designs. This turned out to be a slight negative as she then didn’t want me to wash it (the colours come it the wash so can be coloured again)! After a little persuasion, we did wash it and it came out as good as new, ready to go again.

This is a great product which my daughter had lots of fun using. I would recommend this for children aged 5 years +.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £12 (available in 3 sizes: 3-4 years, 4-6 years and 6-8 years)

Available to buy from Kool Kids Rooms here.


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