Clementine Rose and the Perfect Present by Jacqueline Harvey Review

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

The front cover and artwork are very colourful and engaging. They portray the very prim and proper characters that appear within this series and the back cover gives a great little synopsis of the story.

It is clear from the back cover that this book is for readers age 7+.

This series of Clementine Rose books are for young readers and are fabulous for engaging children and encouraging them to read on their own for fun and to enjoy books! The chapters are nice and short – welcome to the world of chapter books!

Clementine Rose is such a beautiful little character. A little inquisitive girl that you would hope your own would be. The author used to teach in a girls’ boarding school and I think this is evident from her cast of characters. There is a list of the cast of characters at the end of the book, which I think would be better placed at the beginning (I didn’t even notice it until the end of the story).

In this book Clementine Rose is so excited – there is going to be a wedding!!! Her mother – Lady Clarissa has now opened their large house, Penberthy House, to paying guests and this weekend the house will be full! But then Uncle Digby (the family butler) falls ill and mean Aunt Violet is left in charge… is she the wedding expert – having had 4 weddings herself? Will the wedding take place?

The book introduced some concepts that the little girl I was reading the book with hadn’t yet come across (e.g. prep school, butlers and false teeth!) – so there were lots of nice discussions around the book. The book also introduced the butterflies feeling in your tummy you get when you’re nervous or worried and it was good for us to chat about this too.

It was lovely, as an adult, to read about a child with so much imagination and there was some adult humour in the book (like when Uncle Orville sleepwalked into Aunt Violet’s bed!), so overall a great book to engage both adult and child reading together – with a lovely happy ending! A present does indeed make everything better even if they get mixed up…

A really bright, colourful and engaging book. Well written and good value. I will definitely be buying other books from this series for my 7 year old niece.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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