Clear Confidence Plastic-Free Double Edge Safety Razor Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

I have been on my journey to less waste and becoming as plastic free as possible, for a few years now. All of the basics are now common place in my family life, as I try to change one thing a month in the hope that we stick with it. As I head into the year, the next on my list to swap was disposable razors!

I have been using a disposable razor for more than half of my life now, at 36, even if I only replaced the heads and not the handles, that’s still a lot of plastic headed to landfill. I wanted to knock it on the head whilst I could, but with the buzz of being eco friendly and going plastic free in the media, there are so many companies creeping in to try and cash in on the market, often pushing to be the cheapest possible even if it compromised on quality or ethics. (Editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion)

After researching The Clear Confidence company, I liked what they had to say on their website and on their blog. They have a great ethics page on their website and as well as being vegan they offset any Carbon used too, which is good to know.

I received the Plastic Free Double Edge Safety Razor in the post. It arrived in a box with shredded paper padding, just the perfect sized box for the razor, the brush and the pack of blades they had sent for me. No plastic in sight which was a great start. Everything that arrived could go in my home composting or be recycled. The only addition which might have been useful would have been a little two sided piece of paper showing how to load the razor, as not everyone has access to the internet.

I love the idea that for the rest of my life I will only have to change the little steel blades, which are so thin and light, so sharp and very cheap to buy. They are also easy to recycle!

The razor itself is made of steel and bamboo. It has a good weight to it which I really liked, not like some of the flimsy plastic ones which feel like they’d snap. This felt sturdy and reliable. It is smooth, no sharp parts to the handle and as I found when I took it for a shower, it is still really easy to grip when wet!

When the razor first arrives you need to clean it and then load the blade. To do this, you have to unscrew the head from the handle and it separates into three pieces. Mine was a little stiff at first so I sent them a message via their Facebook page, which also has some interesting blog stories, and they replied within minutes with a handy You Tube Video on how to load the razor. This item would have lost a star had they not replied letting me know how to open it, as it was a little stuck, they assured me this wasn’t the norm and talked me through sorting it out. Had it not been resolved quickly and the head stayed stock on the handle, I wouldn’t have been able to load it in time for my shower. The fact they were so quick and friendly about it meant that I didn’t knock it off. I did also send an email via their website and the reply from there wasn’t as quick to arrive, however it was over the weekend so if you did need advice right away I recommend using their social media pages.

Once you have cleaned the blade carefully, and screwed the head pieces back together then the razor is ready to use.  I had never used a safety razor before, and although it looked perfectly safe and there was no way I could hurt myself on it without grabbing the blades, I was nervous because I would be in the shower. I don’t know why but that irrational fear of slipping over whilst shaving creeps in whenever I get a new razor, but it won’t again! Even if I slipped the way that the blades are protected means that it would have been a complete fluke if I did manage to catch myself with any sharp parts!

I lathered up my legs and began. This razor is so smooth, it glides across your skin. You have to hold it at an angle as the handle and head are rigid which means just taking a little extra care around your knees and ankles but it didn’t nick or cut me at all. Feeling brave I moved on to my armpits, and they were done in seconds! I was really impressed and will definitely not go back to any other razors now I have tried this one. Once finished just give it a rinse and leave it to dry, don’t leave the bamboo handle sitting in water as it could damage over time.

Along with the razor I received a Plastic-Free Vegan Shaving Brush. This comprised of a little wooden base, with grass based bristles! I was a little unsure about the grass being scratchy but it wasn’t at all and really did produce a good lather on my legs.

So why buy this razor over others? Firstly their customer service was fantastic, quick and friendly, no automated responses or computer replies. An actual person who replied to my messages in real time which I absolutely love, it makes you feel valued and important to the company.
I love their website, although I did struggle to find how to load the razor, which would have been self explanatory had it not been a little stuck. However whilst looking I discovered their blog which has lots of useful information on why using a safety razor is better for you and the environment.

I also love that even though they sell the blades they tell you that the blades are universal, so you could use any double edged blades in the razor. The cost is also a deciding factor. This safety razor is really reasonably priced in this market, their shipping within the UK is free and they give a 1 year warranty on their products, which again makes it more attractive.
It’s not often a swap from plastic to eco friendly goes so easily so quickly! This one has merged with my routine in less than 20 minutes and I absolutely love it. I would recommend this particular razor should you be looking into making the swap yourself.

Overall it is a fantastic product for those legs, and my husband also commented on how nice it felt when he had a look. He has an electric razor but is intrigued enough to try this next time he wants a proper shave, so it appeals well to everyone it seems as he is really picky when it comes to grooming, if it can win him over then it’s a fab idea for Father’s Day too!

On their website you can find other plastic free shaving products, like shaving bars. The razor can be found here for £24.97 which is fantastic value. The shaving brush can be found on the same website and is only £19.97, which although it is made ethically with compostable and ethical materials is a little on the higher side for a brush, however it is a very good brush and compliments the razor so well so if you have the little extra to splurge it’s worth it. The star player though is the razor.

A very useful You Tube video on how to load your razor here.

I give this 5/5 and I am really happy to know that I never have to buy another razor again!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.97

This product can be purchased from Clear Confidence here.

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