Chuckling Goat Soothe-Itch Magic Set: Cleanser and Lotion Review


SootheItchSoothe-Itch Magic Set
Cleanser and Lotion

Reviewed by Lynn Short

I was really pleased to be chosen to review the Soothe-Itch Magic Cleanser and Lotion, as I suffer from a particularly itchy back and have been trying for ages to find a product which offers some relief.

Now I love goats, I really like goat’s milk and goat’s cheese and one concern was that the product, made from goat’s milk, might actually smell of goat. I need not have worried; both the cleanser and the lotion have a very delicate and pleasant herbal aroma.

The lotion contains goat’s milk, award-winning probiotic kefir, hazelnut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, rosemary essential oil and limonene. The cleansing bar contains goat’s milk, olive oil, kefir, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, rosemary essential oil and French facial clay. Both of these products are free from dyes, perfumes, pthalates, parabens or petrochemicals. It would appear that rosemary has healing properties for itchy skin, wrinkles and age spots. Only natural ingredients are used and the product is not tested on animals.

The soap (cleanser) is a solid rectangular bar with straight edges. I found this difficult to use at first as I like to roll a bar of soap over and over in my hands and I kept dropping it in the shower. After several uses the edges had “softened“ making it much easier to handle. The lather was light and creamy and felt particularly nice on the hands and face; it left my skin feeling beautifully fresh and clean.

I did not use the lotion all over my body but concentrated on those areas which I felt needed it most – namely my back and lower legs. The lotion is in a dispenser with a spring and the amount you get depends on how hard you depress the top. I found that small amounts were quite adequate as it spread easily over the skin and was absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy film. It left my skin feeling soft and I have been free from itching since I started using it.

I found both the cleansing bar and the lotion very pleasant to use and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from itchiness. My husband is delighted with it – he hasn’t had to scratch my back for days!

In my opinion this set represents good value.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £9.95

Available to buy from Chuckling Goat here.

4 half Star

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