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18-23 December 2015

Reviewed by Gemma Berkul

When I was told I was chosen to review Christmas at Alton Towers I was ecstatic. As my daughter is 5 years old I knew this would be a perfect day out for her and her best friend of the same age. I also took my 7 month old baby in his pram.

We have never taken our girls there before. My friend and I arrived at Alton Towers in good time but we did miss the sign which told us where to park and we ended up parking in the big car park and walking a short walk but we were all so excited we didn’t mind walking in rain.

Once in the park my friend and I were given some little jingle bells on a keyring which our girls wanted on their coats. The girls loved the music on entry and they were dancing like little ballerinas which was so lovely to see.

Our first stop was CBeebies Land. Although the rain was getting heavier and heavier the girls weren’t fazed at all, so it was hoods up, hats and gloves on and away we went. We were greeted by Postman Pat and Jess the Cat when entering CBeebies which the girls loved. They then had so much fun on the rides in there. The best thing was that there was no queue! We weren’t sure this was because of the rain or because it was so exclusive. The girls LOVED the Octonaughts ride. They went straight into a little room to have a photo pass then they went to the ride. They first went on with my friend then they went on by themselves. The ride itself was just the right length of time and perfect for them to gain independence by wanting to go on themselves. The girls also went on the Postman Pat ride and also into Justin’s House which they thoroughly enjoyed too. They also met Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle. When my daughter saw them she ran straight into the arms of Upsy Daisy and had a photograph with them.

We had to leave CBeebies Land as we had to be ready for the Elves workshop Emporium at 10:50am. We only had to wait for 5 minutes to go in which was fantastic as my friends had recently been to another well-known attraction park and she had to wait for two hours! I was able to take my baby in his pram in the Elves workshop which was just magical inside. Our daughter’s faces lit up! A lovely Elf named Mistletoe introduced herself and all the children had to help her find bauble’s to stick on the tree in order. Being a teacher, I found it was fun and educational too. All the children got to see Mrs Claus and the big man himself…. Yes the real Father Christmas! They were both sat on a big stage and talked to the children about being on the good and bad lists. They also asked the names of the reindeers and they couldn’t remember one of the names of the reindeers… my daughter shouted out Rudolf! She was so happy about that as she mentioned it to me afterwards. All the children got to queue up and have a photograph taken with Mr and Mrs Claus. They also got some reindeer dust, some chocolate coins, a plastic cup and teddy bear (with a pink or blue jumper on) which the children could choose. The girls were made up. This was the best Santa experience I have been to and over the years we have been to a fair few!

We then went to queue for our photographs which I had made into a bauble. For £20 I got two large photographs and the bauble. When we got home my daughter hung it on our tree and she said, “Mummy, this is the best bauble ever,”

After the excitement of meeting Santa we decided to have our lunch. We ate at the cafe next to CBeebies Land. We managed to find a table and we all sat down to eat. A member of staff went to get me a high chair for my baby and all the staff were pleasant. My friend and I had THE nicest hot chocolate we have ever had.

The rain and cold winds didn’t stop us from carrying on to see what the park had to offer. We went back into CBeebies Land and the girls enjoyed the Tree Fu Tom ride. We also went to Nina’s science lab. Although very educational I was disappointed to come across a question for the children about how does bacon taste? Sour or salty? However, my daughter has never tasted bacon as she is Muslim and I’m sure vegetarians have never tasted it too. I would have thought there could have been something different instead of bacon, especially in this multicultural society we live in today. Although it’s minor in the whole grand scheme of things it is maybe something for Alton Towers to think about?

We could have spent much longer in CBeebies Land but due to the heavy rain pour we thought we would go to explore another part of the park. Next we went to the SEA LIFE Centre, especially as it was indoors and we were so cold and wet. As there were not many people in there, the staff were able to spend a lot of time talking to us. Our girls enjoyed the shrimp/crab pool and enjoyed putting their hands in. They also enjoyed the tunnel with all the fish swimming above them. My daughter was a bit scared of the sharks at first… lol… But then she realised they couldn’t get to her.

After this we walked to Mutiny Bay. The girls and I went on the pirate ship ride which they loved. At this point we were drenched! We had to make a deal with the girls that consisted of one last ride on the tea cups and then some fresh hot donuts to take home in the car. The girls agreed… reluctantly, as they would have stayed there all day, even in the rain! However, my friend and I made the decision that we should make our way home as the weather was torrential and we had an hour and 30 minute drive home.

The 4 to 5 hours we spent at the park went so fast and we all had so much fun. Taking my 7 month old baby round in the pram posed no problems at all too. The changing facilities in CBeebies Land which we used were clean too.

Although there was so much we didn’t get to experience due to the weather, what we did experience was AMAZING! I was gutted we didn’t get to experience the Cloud Cuckoo Land which has the Ice Age 4D experience and the Charlie and Chocolate Factory Ride….. But definitely next year!

I would definitely recommend this Christmas experience as the day had so much to offer. It was perfect for the 5 year old girls. It was such a shame it rained so much as we would have stayed longer, but I would definitely give this a big 5/5! Thank you Alton Towers for a very (wet and cold) enjoyable day. All staff were pleasant and enthusiastic and the experience was fantastic!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost £25 (adults 13 years +) and £22.50 (children 2-12 years). Children under 2 go free.

For more information, rides, opening times or to book tickets visit

Alton Towers Resort, Alton, Staffordshire, ST10 4DB


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