Chris Ramsey The Just Happy To Get Out of the House Tour at The Lowry Review

22 July 2018


Reviewed by Ann Durrell

Hailing from South Shields, Chris Ramsey moved to Manchester with his ‘Side Kick’ Carl Hutchinson with the aim of kick starting their comedy career. By all accounts Manchester and Salford remain close to their hearts as they describe during their acts during the ‘Happy to get out of the house tour’.

It is pretty easy to hazard a guess about the theme of the show before it starts. The title, coupled with the large inflatable house on stage, gives more than a small hint that we are going to be hearing tales about Ramsey’s home life. Pretty much as soon as he gets on stage he is giving a nod to those who have come ‘simply because they follow his wife on Instagram’ (rosemarino1, she is actually very funny and 30.2k followers).

Ramsey starts by getting to know the front row a bit, a radiographer who has come on his own and a car salesman for Landrover. Pretty lucky to have spotted them early on as they were a gold mine of material. After a bit of gentle ribbing and establishing that a) they don’t know each other and b) x-rays do not give you super powers, we get onto the main theme.

I am pretty sure that somehow Ramsey had telepathically found out about my home life and made it into material for his show. Why is it that some people just cannot stack a dishwasher?! On the other hand, why is it so frustrating?  #firstworldproblems. Ramsey also gave a bit of insight into life with a small child, including re-encounter of his sons face off with a 4-year-old in soft play.

Throughout there is a theme of how Ramsey’s reaction to difficult situations is to try and turn it into a joke, and how generally, he can be a very stupid man! It’s a fun, light-hearted show which I would recommend going to see.

Rating: 5/5

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