Child’s Play My First Animal Signs Review

Baby Signing

Reviewed by Sarah Woodhead

I have 21 month old twins and they adore animals. We already have some of the other baby sign book from the same series so it was nice to have the chance to review this book.

I felt quite excited to introduce a range of different animals to our sons.

The boys are obsessed by cats and twin 2 has taken to referring to an animal he doesn’t know as a No Cat.

So we began with the sign for cat which we mastered then we went on to hamster and she is a no cat… and fish we have 2 tanks.

This is fun as I have been teaching animals with sounds but for the likes of zebra, rabbit, giraffe, hippo and such when I don’t know the sound of an animal it’s harder to introduce and with a tiger and a lion both going roar they are confused but now we are able to replace it with a sign and if needed add sounds.

As with all the books in the series the drawing are of the same cute style of various different toddlers with a wide range of different ethnicities and they are drawn completing the action along with a picture of the animal and a brief description of what the action is.

The book may seem on the large side for little hands but it has a lot of content and it is ideal to wipe clean as it’s a large board book.

On the back on the book there is a description of the hand actions used for extra guidance.

It’s really easy to do and a lot of fun to be had.

My boys giggle and laugh with delight when I do the signs the more I exaggerate the more fun we have and the more we look the more they join in. You know you have a winner when a baby toddles over with that book and sits on your lap.

I feel positive that baby sign has helped the boys improve their language and communication skills and I wish I had introduced it sooner.

Lovely book with fun ways to interact with your children and look daft and crazy for all the right reasons, use your imagination and baby sign can open so many doors.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99

Available to buy from Child’s Play here.

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