Childs Farm Body Wash and Bubble Bath Review

Reviewed by Joy Wright

These lovely items arrived all wrapped up and sealing with tape to prevent them from leaking which was a fabulous start. Straight away I had the lids off to inhale the fabulous scents. In this case the Tangerine Bubble Bath (RRP: £2 to £7.50). It smells AMAZING! It actually made me smile immediately, I was so impressed. It smells so good I wanted to drink it (don’t do this! It’s not for drinking it just smells soooo good!).

The labels are cute and feature pictures which look liked they’d be lovely children’s book illustrations. It’s all in keeping with the overall product look which is child friendly and robust. Childs Farm has won awards for their super products and it’s easy to see why. This product is scented with organic tangerine oil and it doesn’t smell of strange chemicals.

The first to try it was my bath-addict son, he loves to wind down and play in the bath every evening, so I filled his bath with super scented bubbles. It foams up well and makes a wealth of froth to play in. The scent spilled out of the bathroom and we could smell it all around the upstairs. It isn’t hugely strongly scented, it’s just authentic products so maybe that’s why it lasts so well.

My son was a little disappointed that the bubbles reduced a little before he was ready to get out, but then we find bubbles always reduce when using washing products and of course we tried the hair and body wash in there.

This bubble bath is labelled as suitable for new-borns right up which is great. All my children have enjoyed baths from birth, and this would have been another great product when they were tiny.

Next test was one of my teen daughters who loves to wallow in the bath too, she reported loving the smell and wanting to stay in the bathroom.

Final test was me; I filled the bath ready to relax. The scent is refreshing, the bubbles weren’t drying to my skin. Its dermatologist and paediatrician approved, suitable for sensitive skin and suited to those with eczema.

Childs Farm also proudly detail that their product is registered with The Vegan Society and certified by Cruelty Free International.

In my sons bath I lathered him up with the delicious smelling Blackberry and Organic Apple Hair & Body Wash (RRP: £2.50 to £7.50). This product also creates super scents across the upstairs of our house, again, it smells like fruit juices and good enough to drink but don’t folks! ‘Elf and safety and all that.

My son giggled as I washed him and when I gave him some to wash with he loved the jelly-like texture. His skin still smelled faintly of the product when I put him to bed later that night.

Now, one of my teen daughters struggles with difficult patches of skin in winter in particular. We’re careful about products with her and whilst we’ve used the Childs Farm unscented body lotion to settle a scaly patch in the past, she’s never tried the hair and body wash. She chose to use it only on her body in the shower so she really got full advantage of that one scent. She informed me that it didn’t sting on the eczema patches, her skin felt soft and she too really loved the scent. Furthermore her hair smelled amazing and it brushed easily, no mean feat when she can almost sit on it.

Then it was my turn to try it out once I could prise it back from my teen daughter’s hands.

My skin again felt soft and clean, no sign of the tight dryness that some products leave me with. There’s argan oil in the ingredients adding divine moisturising properties.

Again Childs Farm also proudly detail that Blackberry and Organic Apple Hair & Body Wash is registered with The Vegan Society and certified by Cruelty Free International, suitable for use from birth upwards and safe for those prone to eczema or with sensitive skin. Bath time again shortly and all three of my children want the products, including my two teens. Looking on the website I can see a special Christmas product, the Christmas Satsuma Bubble Bath featuring a sweet snowman on the front. There’s a range of gift packs, trial sets and travel packs too. I suspect Santa might be bringing a range of products for my children this year. How about yours?

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