Children Are Stinky at The Lowry Manchester Review

21 October 2018


Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

On Sunday afternoon my six year old daughter and I visited The Lowry theatre in Salford to watch Children Are Stinky. We didn’t know what to expect from the show but my daughter had already been giggling about the title for days.

As we entered the Aldridge Studio auditorium we were greeted by a very colourful set, as we took our seats my daughter noticed that some of the props appeared to be moving from behind the large yellow screen. We enjoyed spotting what was moving and what was going to pop up next whilst we waited for the show to begin.

When the show began we met the two performers, Kylie and Jason from Australia, also known as Malia Walsh and Chris Carlos. The pair began the show with some amazing acrobatics that literally made my daughter’s jaw drop, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Unfortunately the show had to be stopped pretty quickly due to a bad smell! Jason and Kylie determined that the bad smell was coming from the audience because children are stinky. They showed us their list that said as well as being stinky, children are scaredy cats, lazy, uncoordinated, and have no imagination. The duo continued the show and tried to convince us their list was true however, with the help of audience members volunteering to go on stage, they were completely proved wrong.

The show was so good, my daughter was constantly switching between laughing her socks off and being gobsmacked by the unbelievable acrobatics and circus skills. Her favourite bits of the show were when Kylie stood on Jason’s head, when Jason did handstands on top of a pile of chairs and she was particularly impressed by Kylie’s hula hooping skills. There was lots of toilet humour involved that I challenge anyone not to laugh along to as well as lots of subtle jokes for the grown ups. If you have a primary school aged child I think you and they would love this show. It was brilliant, hilariously funny, with incredible stunts and an awesome soundtrack.

Rating: 5/5

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