Chicco 4 Seasons Path Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I was delighted to be sent the Chicco 4 Seasons Path toy to review. I am always happy to try out new baby toys particularly as the market is saturated so it’s hard to know which items will actually get played with and what will end up being neglected and outgrown. We have a few little ones in the family including one of my own and with Christmas just around the corner I’ve been on the lookout for suitable gifts for the tiny humans.

The 4 Seasons Path arrived in a box reflective of the size of the toy, it consists of a plastic flower centrepiece, which has 5 petals- each with a different shape to sort, these play different sounds when inserted into the base, the centre of the flower has a fun smiling face and lights up with the music.

The ‘path’ itself consists of 5 circle shaped mats each featuring a season scene with different sensory experiences for example- crunchy, soft, mirrored etc.  The circular pads form the path and are interchangeable, they can either be placed around the flower or in one long line (velcro holding in place with each other).
My near crawler loved exploring the different circles and she spent a lot of time feeling each one. I liked to put them in a long line with the flower at the end to encourage her movements, the sensory mats also encourage tummy time for little ones.

My nephew who is a new walker loved padding down the path and using the circles as stepping stones and putting the shapes in the right slots to see the light glow .

The toy is recommended for 9+ months and I think would be played with well past the time they become a confident walker.

I love that the path is individual circles and the toy can be packed up and stored easily, it feels sturdy and well made as you would expect from the well established Chicco brand.

The interactive flower part of the toy comes with batteries which is always a plus so your not searching the house or looking sheepish when you’ve forgotten them when giving as a gift.

I am pleased to say there is a silent mode which allows the lights to work in isolation, this is so often overlooked in toys, sometimes it’s nice to play without the noise (more so for the parents than the kids I suppose) until they figure out how to work the switch.

Another plus is the mats are machine washable at 30 degrees, this is ideal as it doesn’t take long for anything in our home to be covered with dribble, milk spit-up or sticky hands, knowing I can wash it easily and keep it hygienic is a big tick in the plus column, it also adds to the longevity of the product making it easy to pass on after it has been outgrown.

The Chicco 4 Seasons path retails at £39.99 which is fairly standard when compared to other interactive toys on the market. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a gift for little ones, the concept is unique and I haven’t seen anything similar on the market. The babies I know enjoyed it immensely!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

This product is available to buy from little angels here.

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