Cheeky Chompers Comfort and Chew Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

I was asked to review some items from Cheeky Chompers. What a lovely lovely range of teething items they have, I was completely smitten for my two new grandsons. Teething. What a traumatic time that can be, feeling helpless not really knowing what to do for the best to help your little one, be it your child, grandchild or just a friends baby. I think in this new world of choice, it’s good to research who you are spending your money with, and Cheeky Chompers, started by mums making products for mums, can definitely have mine!

My Gift Set arrived in a beautiful gift box, all the items within wrapped in lovely tissue paper, it had a sticker saying made with love, and I really felt everything in the set had been. Never have I been so excited to see teething products 🙂

The comfort and chew gift set comprises of four teething items and some helpful leaflets on teething for parents. I was delighted with everything as soon as I opened the box. I picked the Panda Pals theme, which is cute pandas in a lovely white grey and orange colour scheme. The cheeky chompers comfortchew can be personalised, A was embroidered in the corner, in a matching orange, it looks fab. No stealing A’s comforter when he’s at his friends house. The comfortchew is suitable from birth, and has a wicked hippo head for those teeth to chew on, the whole item is washable and has a great look and feel. Complementing the comforter is chewy the Hippo, a fab textured easy to hold teething toy, also suitable from birth in a lovely mint green, Alfie was particularly impressed with this and could easily grasp in his small hands. You can put in the fridge to cool and fantastically its steriliser and dishwasher safe.

Next up the neckerchew which is a combined bib and teether in the same Panda Pals theme, it’s both stylish and functional, we love it! Last up is the handychew which is a sensory teething toy. It has a handy wrist strap (as does the comfortchew) called Bertie the Lion. It’s a fab teether with one chewable ear and one sensory, it also contains a rattle.

All the products are machine washable, which as inevitably these types of products likely to being covered in all sorts, is a massive plus. We have four grandchildren and the Cheeky Chompers products are by far the loveliest I have seen. They are quality products, worth their money, they look and feel fab. As a gift or just as a treat for your little one the gift set was really gorgeous and I would definitely gift with the knowledge I was not just giving a few baby teether but items that haven been made with love, and genuinely help with the teething process. A certainly loved his chewy hippo and we expect to get many months of teething fun out of all the products. We are even looking to pick up some extras from the range to compliment what we have. Who knew some teething products could make you smile so much I absolutely adore them all.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £42.99

This product can be purchased from Cheeky Chompers here.

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