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Cheatwell Games 2 Go – Gabble Review


Reviewed by Alison Rood

Whenever there is a family party, it is always us who get told to “bring the games”

We are a gaming family and are always on the look out for new games to add to our collection.  We particularly gravitate towards games that the kids can get involved with, games that will be a laugh when us adults have had a few drinks, or games that we can easily take on holiday with us.

Gabble by Cheatwell ticks all of the boxes.

Gabble is a race against the clock game.  The aim of Gabble is to describe the words on the card to your team mates (you are not allowed to spell things out or give “rhymes with” clues!) – there are different categories such as famous people, places, animals and entertainment to name a few.  There are 10 words on each card and the pack contains 100 cards.

One thing I really like about this game is the scoring device/scoring system.  The scoring system is really easy, with points allocated for each correct answer and then coloured counters awarded to corollate with the points.  The scoring device makes it super easy to keep track of correct answers which is great when you/the players are against a sand timer!  No pencil or paper required for score keeping – just pop the silicone buttons down when a right answer is provided.  Add them up, then issue the counter.  The silicone buttons can then be reset for the next round.

The scoring device also acts as storage for the cards, timer and counters.  I love games where everything is compact!  It makes it so much easier to take to parties, to the caravan or to meals out (yes, we are one of those families who play games whilst waiting for our food!)

As well as being compact and neat, it is also lightweight and can fit fine in my handbag.  Again, this makes it perfect for taking out with us, especially during the summer holidays where we are out and about a lot.

The game cards consist of UK based words/people which is perfect for us, and makes it easier for the kids to play along with too.

The game is officially aimed at ages 12+ but honestly, our 4 year old nieces and nephews could guess a lot of the words, so I think it is much more inclusive than the age range it is aimed at.  Obviously you will have to be careful with smaller children due to the counters – but in terms of getting involved in the guessing side I would say it is fine for those under 12.

The only thing I would change about this game would be for the silicone part on the front to have a holder for the card in play.  That would be easier than having to hold it in place – especially when you are rushing to press the buttons.

No batteries required.  No assembly required. Just pack, go and play!

As I said earlier – manufacturer ages recommendation is 12+ but I think this is relative to your own family.  Certainly don’t let that guideline put you off buying it if you have younger members in your group, it really is a great game for all ages.

On the front of the box is a handy QR code that takes you to a website with more info about the game.  It also includes a link to a youtube video which talks you through the rules.  A copy of the rules is included in the game itself – but sometimes it is easier to understand if you have a visual, so it is a nice touch.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP is £13

Gabble is available to buy from

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