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Wine Breather

We’ve all been there – rushing to get ready for a dinner party, trying to get the starters ready, the main in the oven and the table set whilst remembering that the lounge needs another quick vacuum and you still need to retouch your makeup. Just as the doorbell rings, you realise you’ve forgotten all about the red wine! The white and rose have been in the fridge since this morning, but you’d meant to uncork the red a couple of hours ago to let it breathe and never quite got round to it, and now you’ll be left with your showcase bottle of red not being quite as good as it would have been.

Well, CellarDine have just the thing, and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to try it out this weekend. The Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather claims to be able to aerate a full bottle of wine in less than a minute, as opposed to the 2+ hours that it would normally take in a decanter. It works by gently introducing air into the wine to release the full bouquet and flavour – so no more flat or lacklustre vino!

The Rouge O2 comes presented in an attractive box, making it an ideal Christmas present for wine connoisseurs and those who like entertaining. It doesn’t need any assembly or setting up, and after inserting 2x AAA batteries, it is ready to use. The device looks a little like a mini electric whisk, and all you need to do to use it is pop it into the neck of the wine bottle. Because of the shape of the handle, it will naturally sit on the top of the bottle, so there’s no need for you to stand and hold it in place. A press of the button on top starts the aeration process and in less than a minute, you have perfect and ready to drink wine.

As its working, you can see the aeration bubbles and hear the motor, although it’s certainly not so loud that it would interrupt conversation at the dinner table if you were cracking open another bottle! It can also be used on a single glass of wine, should you be opening a bottle that you think might not be finished – you might not want to use it for the full 45 seconds, and it can be switched off with a simple press of the power button when you’re happy with the glass. Cleaning it is just as easy as using it, and it is just a case of running the 45 second cycle again with the device in a bottle of clean water rather than wine.

You can certainly taste the difference after using the wine breather – as you can imagine, it was the subject of some intense discussion when we got it out, and we engaged our guests in some blind taste tests of the same type of wine, either aerated or not. Everyone managed to correctly identify the difference between the two drinks and without fail, we all thought that the better flavour came from the bottle that had used the Wine Breather.

At £19.99, I think this would be a perfect Christmas present for any family or friends who have a real interest in wine and entertaining, and it’s a great product to have at home over the Christmas period for when you want to offer unexpected visitors a nice glass of wine.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

For more information or to buy visit www.cellardine.co.uk.

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