Catching The Mouse: The Best Ways To Propose To A Timid Woman

Proposals are a funny business. Every woman has a different idea of how it’ll go. As such, men are often left guessing what would be best. It’s no wonder that a proposal can take a long time to come. It’s stressful!

When proposing to a shy woman, things get even more challenging. The outlandish gestures which become fallbacks for so many of us are off limits to you. She won’t appreciate a band serenading her. In fact, she probably won’t appreciate a public proposal of any kind. She’ll have enough attention on her when the wedding rolls around. For now, keep things between the two of you.

But, that’s not as easy at it sounds. Somehow, you have to find a way to make a quiet proposal special. The good news is, there are some amazing ways to do so. The quiet nature of this act will ensure romance is all around. All you need to do is make the most of it.

As with any proposal, planning will be essential. The most romantic proposal won’t save you if you don’t have an engagement ring to hand. So, get one beforehand from a company like 77 Diamonds. Then, consider the best way to give it to her. For help, consider the following suggestions.

A quiet night in

There’s nothing introverted girls like better than a quiet night in with their favourite man. So, why not find a way to incorporate this? That’s not to say you should pop the question while you watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Keep things as special as you can. Making a home cooked meal could be your best bet. Or, you could put on her favourite romance, and propose when the male lead does. Little things like these will show you’ve thought about what she likes, and are sure to lead to a ‘yes’.


Write her a letter

Many introverts find it easier to communicate through the written word. If you propose face to face, she may get embarrassed, and that’s not what you want. This experience should be as special as possible. As such, you could write her a letter, and pop the question in it. If possible, stay nearby while she reads it, and get the ring out when she’s finished. You could put it in the envelope, of course, but that would give the game away.

By proposing this way, you’ll be able to tell her how much she means to you gently. You’ll also give her time to process the proposal without too much pressure.


A message on her computer

If letter writing isn’t your forte, you could leave a word document open on her computer with your proposal. That way, she’ll see it as soon as she signs on. To ensure this doesn’t seem rushed, leave her ring somewhere hidden, and include instructions where to find it. This way, she’ll be able to come to terms with things alone, which would be best for an extremely timid woman.


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