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Camping this Summer with Aldi Review

Reviewed by David Savage

As I sit here with the sun shining and the temperature just about right, not too hot or too cold, it’s time to start thinking about the summer holidays. The schools will be breaking up soon for 6 weeks and lots of us will be looking forward to some sort of break or getaway.

Lots of people will be jetting off to far flung countries, maybe soaking up the sun or getting an adrenaline rush someone with an activity holiday. Others will be staying in the UK and enjoying whatever sunshine comes our way.

I won’t be going abroad on holiday this year but will maybe fit in some BBQ’s in the garden and a short break somewhere in the UK. There are plenty of gorgeous places around the UK to visit and if you are on a budget, the cheapest way of doing this is a camping or caravanning holiday.

Budget supermarket Aldi are taking the country by storm and increasing their market share year on year. I, for one, never used to shop in their stores but have been converted with not only their low prices but the quality of a lot of their food items. Twice a week, they also have their non-food Specialbuys which change each time, and offer great value for money, often on things you didn’t even know you needed. But when they are gone, they are gone!

This week we have been trying out some of the Sports and Leisure Specialbuys, which include some great camping equipment. For review we were sent the Adventuridge 4 Fold Table, Adventuridge Inflatable Sofa and Adventuridge 400w Plug-in Handy Heater.

No matter whether you are camping, BBQing or having a picnic in the park you need somewhere to put your food. The Adventuridge 4 Fold Table (RRP: £29.99) is perfect for this. Big enough at 2.4 metres long to meet the needs of even the largest of families as it seats 10, it has more than enough space for entertaining with a buffet or sitting down to eat at.

At 2.4 metres in long, it is a very long table. But fear not, its 4 sections fold down into a very manageable 60x60x14cm with carry handles making it very portable and easy to store in the car. At 8.9kg it is fairly lightweight and easy to move.

It is constructed with an aluminium frame and MDF tabletop, which all lock into place and the legs can be adjusted for 2 different leg heights – from 52 to 70.5cm, making it suitable for everyone.

While a long table, it is very easy to set up and seems very sturdy. It would be excellent for caravanning and BBQ’s.

While you have the table set up and loaded with your favourite party and BBQ food, you may want to sit down and relax. Aldi have the perfect solution for this, an inflatable sofa!

This 2-seater sofa (RRP: £19.99) is made from strong and durable PVC and has a very super flocked seating area, making it really comfortable to relax on and enjoy time with friends and family or even just to chill out on a read a book in the garden. It is very easy to inflate/deflate with an air pump (this is not included) and once deflated takes up very little space. At around 2kg it is lightweight, so is perfect for camping and caravanning or even those all-important summer music festivals where you are tired from dancing.

And just in case you haven’t looked around first and hit something sharp on the ground it comes with its own repair kit!

Now while strictly not for camping, unless on a serviced pitch with an electric hook-up, the 400w Plug-In Handy Heater (RRP: £12.99) is perfect for when the sun goes down and there is a slight chill in the air. A very small and lightweight heater is works very well in a small space like a caravan – just set the temperature on the digital display (from 15 to 32 degrees) and your off and toasty in no time. It even has a handy timer function that you can set between 1-12 hours.

The heat generated in a small space like a caravan is perfect, and the fan speed and temperature are easily adjustable.

Now this is a quite compact little heater with no power cable, it plugs directly into a socket. While the heater looks neat and compact if your power outlets are close to the ground you won’t be able to use it.

All these items from Aldi are perfect for camping, caravanning, picnics and BBQ’s. They don’t take up much room so will easily fit in the car with all the other camping paraphernalia that you may have stocked up with on your visit to Aldi. And just for peace of mind, they all come with a 3 year warranty against defects.

So whether you are camping, caravanning, having a picnic in the park or a BBQ with friends and family, pop down to Aldi and check out their Sports and Leisure Specialbuys, you will definitely grab yourself a quality bargain.

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit www.aldi.co.uk.

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