I, Pod by Rebecca Lisle Review

Illustrated by Richard Watson

Reviewed by David Ashworth

I, Pod is the third picture book in the series by Rebecca Lisle about a stone age boy named Pod and tells the story of his babysitting adventures with little Nim. After trying to get Nim to say his name (with hysterical results) Pod decides to whip out his trusty tools and attempts to build a swing set for baby Nim but unfortunately sends her on a trip down the river, where she encounters perilous fish, giant birds and ferocious sabre tooth tiger as Pod and a lovable little mammoth try to rescue her.

As I said, this is the third book in an award-winning series by REBECCA LISLE and is preceded by STONE UNDERPANTS and GAME OF STONES, both featuring the adventures of Pod and his friends. Rebecca Lisle, from Leeds, has written 24 books to date and site Enid Blyton as a big influence over her work. The illustrator for I, Pod is RICHARD WATSON who also worked with Lisle on the first two books in the stone age trilogy. Watson graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2003 with a degree in illustration and has won several awards for his work.

The story of I, Pod features lots of onomatopoeia and examples of babbled baby speech, making at accessible and fun for young children. The illustrations are bright, colourful and a very exciting accompaniment to the main story. There are several lovable characters, although my kids were particularly taken with the mischievous baby Nim and they laughed throughout at the crazy creatures and silly antics of the main characters.

The pacing of this story is wonderful and there is an exciting occurrence on each and every page to keep the little ones attention as well as some brilliant stone age humour and word play. This is the very first book I’ve read to my kids in the stone age trilogy of I, Pod but I will be endeavouring to get hold of the first two as my kids thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Five out of five for sure!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (Paperback)

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