Buttermilk 2019 Fudge Advent Calendar Review

Reviewed by Catherine Brown

With Christmas fast approaching, one of the exciting events that has become part of the build-up routine is to choose an advent calendar. While there are still many traditional versions around, with images or small chocolates behind each door, artisan confectioners Buttermilk, established in 1964, have created a delicious twist that will delight everyone with a sweet tooth.

The Countdown to Christmas fudge filled advent calendar looks traditional on the outside but contains a selection of delicious surprises. It is presented in a generous 28 x 33 x 4cm box made from recyclable card. Most of the typical images on each ‘door’ are in seasonal red, blue and green colours with the addition of metallic gold to add to that festive feel. A couple of quirky pictures are included of cows with antlers, festive hats or ski boots as a reference to the key fudge ingredient.

When the 1st of December arrives and you get chance to take a peek behind door 1 that is when the fun really begins! Each day you will be treated to one of Cornwall-based Buttermilk Confections crumbly fudge squares. There are 3 flavour options to surprise you each day, all made with sugar, sweetened condensed milk, salted butter and golden syrup. They are individually wrapped in a foil packaging to keep their freshness and are all gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and do not contain any artificial flavourings or colours.

I really enjoyed both the caramel sea salt fudge, with added sea salt and natural caramel flavouring, and the clotted cream flavoured fudge, made with that traditional Cornish delight clotted cream. However, my favourite flavour came from that Christmas treat staple – Mince Pie crumbly fudge.

I wasn’t sure before eating how one of my favourite Christmas tastes would fit with a traditional fudge, but after one bite I couldn’t get enough! In just one fudge bite you get all the elements of a mince pie – raisins, mixed peel, brandy (1%) and mixed spice. The combination is delicious and even before eating the smell of the ingredients gives you a Christmassy feel.

Along with the 15g fudge squares, an extra treat for Christmas day is a generous 35g chocolate caramel sea salt crumbly fudge bar. This was similar to the caramel sea salt fudge but had the added bonus of a milk chocolate coating. Being a larger size, this is the perfect day to share with a loved one.

Also behind each door is a festive charades challenge encouraging you to act out songs such as ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus’ or ‘When Santa got stuck up the chimney’. With a nod back to modern day, participants are encouraged to share their best Christmas charades on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. A glance at the company website shows that along with various different fudge flavours, they also produce honeycomb and peanut brittle. There is a warning on the advent calendar box that the fudge is made in a factory which uses peanuts and nuts as ingredients.

The Buttermilk Countdown to Christmas fudge filled advent calendar is the perfect countdown to the big day. This sweet treat would also suit being given as a gift to someone as an early Christmas present.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

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