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Burping Bobby Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

The box is bright and eye catching, but huge for not a lot of contents. It certainly grabbed the attention of the children (ages 5 and 8) when it arrived. They wanted to play it straight away which is always a good sign. The pieces used in game play are a plastic hippo with a winding handle, a pipette to fill his ears with water, and a sheet of cardboard playing pieces. The only thing I will say is that the pieces, although I see why they are made of card, are very small and won’t last long with continuous game play. (The dog picked one up and it was ruined in seconds) so keep an eye on those very small cardboard bits, they will easily go missing.

The game does require batteries, so its good to have these in before you begin. Also you don’t have to put in the water if worried it will sit in the toy and go mouldy. The hippo will still burp, it just wont have the green vapour coming from its mouth.

The concept is very simple. All the cards are laid face down. You then say out loud what you want to pick up, if you’re correct then you keep that piece. If not then feed the hippo smelly food and turn the handle the number of turns on the card piece you have picked up. Repeat until the hippo finally belches and then the game is over. Add up how many points you have on the pieces you got to keep and the one with the highest score wins. Or, play until the hippo burps and the feeder who made him burp loses. This one is an easier concept for the younger ones.

I didn’t tell the kids about the burping surprise, so when Bobby finally did burp they squealed and jumped back laughing and pointing at the green vapour and droplets of water which comes from his mouth. So that is what the pipette of water was for! There’s no smell to the green vapour, but you can really see it. It’s a nice touch.

Once they had seen what happened when the hippo had had enough, they were eager to play again. Quickly emptying the pieces from the hippo’s bottom and starting again.

The RRP is £22.99, which is very reasonable for the amount of entertainment it brings. It is a great game for when you need to entertain the children for five minutes as it is a very short game with an obvious end, so no arguments. It is also great for the kids to show their friends and teach them how to play because of the easy concept. It is very portable without the box, as all the pieces can fit inside the hippos bottom and just pop a little tape over it to keep it closed, so great for staycations.

You can purchase the game from here  .

I give the game 5 out of 5 stars. As much as it grosses me out, it did exactly what it said on the box and kept the children busy and they had fun. Perfect for a time when we all have to stay indoors. Perfect for Christmas at home!

Rating: 5/5


This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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