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The Floor is Lava Review


Reviewed by Sandip

My kids, aged 9 and 5, have often played the imaginary game of the floor is lava which involved a lot of my couch cushions. They are also watching ‘The Floor is Lava’ on Netflix. So went I was sent the children’s game ‘The Floor is Lava’, my kids were overjoyed!

For those of you who haven’t heard of the concept of the floor is lava, the players have to imagine that there are safe spots that you can stand on and jump between, but the areas in between the safe spots are lava and therefore, can’t be stepped on. This game that we were sent to review, is by Endless Games and as the name ‘The Floor is Lava’ suggests, is a take on the same premise.
The game itself contains:
• 25 safe spots
• a spinner circle
• 27 challenge cards
• instruction leaflet

The safe spots are made up of 5 different sized stones and there are five colours of each size. These are scattered around the floor and then a ‘spinner’ is chosen to control the spinner circle. This ends up being me! In a similar concept to twister, the arrow on the spinner circle is flicked round and then the point on the arrow lands on a coloured segment. Each player jumps to the nearest safe stop that has the same colour. The slowest player has their original safe stone removed so that there is one less safe area. This continues throughout the game so that there are less and less stones as the game proceeds, thus making the leaps to safety, harder with each round.
Additionally, some of the stones have question marks printed on them. If you land on one of those stones, the spinner reads out a challenge card and that player has to fulfil that said challenge.

If a player cannot safely reach the relevant coloured stone and steps on the lava they are out of the game. However, the game is not over at this point, the player that has just dropped out can now act as the spinner and the original spinner now enters the game. The game continues from this point on, until there is only one player remaining.

This is a great family game and will be played quite a lot on rainy days, which we seem to have a lot of this October half term. Also given that Christmas this year may mean spending a lot more time at home and not seeing families, these sorts of fun family games are perfect for getting the kids to turn their electronics off and have a fun time, helping their memory skills and jumping about with their families. If I hadn’t received this as a review item, I think this would have been on the Christmas list anyway as it is a great game. My kids are 5 and 9 and I think are the ideal age for The Floor Is Lava. The box itself states this is for ages 5 – 105 and to be honest, I think that is probably right. It really is a lot of fun!



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