Brow and Liner Kit Review


Brow & Liner Kit

The Body Shop

Reviewed by Catherine Williamson

The Body Shop Brow / Liner kit comes in a small, compact style case which could be easily transported in a purse or handbag. As you might expect to find it has a built in mirror which makes application easy. It also comes with a folding brush with an applicator at each end – one to fill the brows and the other to apply the liner. I actually found the bristles on each brush applicator very stiff and opted to use brushes that I already own rather than the one that comes with the compact.

Inside you will find two pallets containing a chocolate brown coloured powder, and a darker brown.

It’s not clear which powder is meant to be used as a liner or for the brows and I have actually used both shades on my brows.  Both shades emphasised my brows and can be used to either naturally enhance or to create a striking look for a night out. The powder applies to the brows and blends easily.

I did not find the powder particularly easy to apply as a liner, I personally find pencils easier to use, and they tend to last longer.  So in the main, I only used the powder on my brows.

I would use this product again to enhance my brows, but I would not use it as an eye liner as I found it difficult to apply and it then needed constant reapplication. I also think it could be improved by redesigning the brush so I would not have needed to use anything other than what came in the compact.

For the reasons above I would rate this product 3/5. If this was advertised as a brow liner kit only & the brush was improved I would give it a 5/5.

Rating: 3/5

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