Britax King II ATS Car Seat Review

BritaxKingIIATSBritax King II ATS
Car Seat

Reviewed by Lucy Lowndes

Since being asked to review the Britax King II ATS car seat I had been impatiently awaiting its arrival, and when it did arrive I was not disappointed! This certainly is a top of the range car seat.

This advanced car seat, which is suitable for children aged 9 months – 4 years (9kg – 18kg,) has a built in safety system which actively watches over the child throughout the journey. It checks, adjusts and monitors the harness tension automatically.

It features a light and sound indicator that helps the parent to find out the correct tension of the harness. When the child is placed into the seat, a red light illuminates. Once the child is strapped in and the harness adjusted to the correct tension, the seat will make a sound and a green light will then appear.

Another brilliant feature of the Britax King II ATS car seat is the ATS technology, which stands for Active Tensioning System. The ATS automatically adjusts and retracts the slack in the child’s harness to keep the tension just right throughout the journey.

And finally to make this car seat even more amazing it also features an intelligent warning system that alerts parents with a sound and light indicator if the harness is undone or no longer at the correct tension.

After learning about these exciting features I was eager to start using it straight away. Once I had removed the car seat from the packaging, I found and read the instructions (which were enclosed in a small compartment at the rear of the car seat). The instructions were clear and easy to understand. Also enclosed in the compartment were a number of other instruction booklets in an array of different languages. When I had finished with the instructions I placed them back into the small compartment for safe keeping.

There is also some very clear and easy to follow step-by-step instructions on the side of the car seat, which I found very useful when I came to actually fitting the car seat into my car.

Firstly I must point out that my car only has 3 doors, therefore fitting any car seat into the rear of my car is normally a nightmare… However when it came to installing this seat I was really surprised at how easy it was to do.

I think one of the features that helped a lot, was the seat actually lifts up and away from the base. This is easily done by pressing one of the grey buttons on the side and pulling the seat forward. This then gives you easy access to install the car seat. The first thing to do is to feed the lap and shoulder straps of the car seatbelt through the red hooks on the bottom of the base and click the seatbelt in. You can then push the car seat back into its upright position, thus causing the seat belt to tighten. Finally you place the shoulder strap behind the red hook at the top of the seat.  It is now ready to transport the child.

Once the child is in, you can also adjust the headrest and harness.  This allows the seat to grow with the child without the need to rethread the entire harness. My son is now 2 and I had to raise it up slightly.

When my son first got into the car seat and the red light came on he got very excited. His excitement increased once I had strapped him in and the seat made a sound and the light changed to green!

The harness is very easy to fasten with a buckle that stays in the forward facing position. It also features performance chest pads, designed to reduce the child’s forward movement that occurs in the event of an impact. When you are ready to take your child out, there are 2 handy harness retainers on either side of the seat to keep them out of the way whilst the child vacates the seat.

On our first outing using the Britax King II ATS, I can honestly say my son looked a lot more comfy in his new car seat than he did in his old one. It has padding all around his head, making it perfect for those inevitable in car naps. The side wings are softly padded to provide optimum protection. If your child does fall asleep on a journey you can also recline the seat back to four different positions without the need to disturb the child.

The style and design of the car seat is 10/10, it looks stylish and modern in the black funky fabric (the fabric name of our car seat is Black Thunder) and will certainly not look out of place in any car interior. The weight of the seat is 10.3kg which is slightly heavier than my previous car seat but not too heavy that you struggle to carry it.

My overall opinion of this car seat is outstanding. From the ease of fitting, right through to the safety system. The RRP is £180 and compared to other car seats on the market this is a bargain and well worth the money. I will certainly be recommending it to other parents.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £180

For more information or to buy visit Britax here.


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