Brewers Fayre Bexleyheath Review

Reviewed by Lauren Gee

When you visit a Brewers Fayre restaurant, generally speaking you know what to expect. Good value food, with something to suit everyone in the family.

Bexleyheath Brewers Fayre is a new restaurant, and they are trialling a new daytime carvery – £6.95 to eat as much as you can pile on your plate. With some hungry little ones clamouring for something to eat, that sounded like a good deal; being able to pay and then immediately get your food and drink works well for impatient tiny people!

Queuing up to pay did take some time, however. It was VERY busy – a demonstration of how popular it is – and being fairly new I imagine that the staff are still finding their feet a bit. There was also a bit of confusion about where you could order food – we were told that one till was only for drinks at the bar, but then others started ordering food there and the queues all got a bit random! But we did get our food ordered after about a 15 minute wait, and then it was straight to the carvery to pick what we wanted.

There were three meat options available: beef, turkey and gammon. The beef was very pink (which is how I personally like it, so that was good for me) and the staff offered to cook it up a bit more for anyone who wanted it towards the well done side of the scale. The turkey was quite nice and moist. Unfortunately, the gammon ran out completely just before I got there in the queue, so I wasn’t able to try it. I’m guessing that once again, that comes down to being a fairly new restaurant and not being entirely sure of the popularity of things!

The vegetable selection was good, and the roast potatoes were nice – fluffy in the middle and not too dry.

We followed it up with dessert (there is a big display cabinet of them luring you in as you wait for your table – I saw the Oreo dessert and that was that, I had to try it!) and because we paid upfront, it was nice to be able to leave without having to wait to sort out a bill. Incredibly useful when you have small children who are full up and getting antsy for their naps.

The staff were friendly and attentive, and there were plenty of them. If we needed something (for example, letting them know we were ready for dessert) then it was easy to find someone to help.

We used the baby change and toilets before we went and they were well looked after, with a nice big room and a flip down change table. All in all, for the price and the food it is a great option for family dining – and once things are running smoothly I think it would be a top choice for a good meal out.

We would award Brewers Fayre Bexleyheath 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 4/5

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Brewers Fayre, 51 Albion Road, Bexleyheath, DA6 7HG | 02030 316 272

4 Star

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