Breakfast with Santa at Wheelgate Park Review


Breakfast with Santa
Wheelgate Theme Park

Reviewed by Ella Richardson

Turning up to Wheelgate Family Theme Park we were all very excited but slightly apprehensive as we usually go to a different theme park for our annual trip to see Santa. We had a positive start to the day with the park being really easy to find and well signposted then finding out the parking was free, which is always great as usually places like this add a parking fee on top, there were plenty of spaces as the breakfast takes place before the park is open to everyone else.

Once we had signed in we were sent our own personal elf to guide us to where the breakfast was, I was supposed to ask her name as she was absolutely fantastic and gave my girls a detailed guide of the north pole and her time with Santa and really set the scene before we went to meet the big man himself. But I completely forgot but I would like to thank her as my kids adored her and stared in wonder and delight as she went into detail. We were lead into the room and greeted by Santa and Mrs Claus and also all elves jumped to attention asking us if we needed anything, supplying us with drinks and after a very early start we needed it. We were then shown to our own personalised places on a glittery festive table and the girls were led away to a table full of cereal by the elves and continued to ask us if we were ok and in need of anything.

After being sat at the table the full English breakfasts were promptly brought out for the children and they tucked into them, they were great portions, I had visions of it being a measly bit of toast and a sausage but I think I would have even been full with it. Me and my husband had also ordered a bacon and sausage sandwich which was lovely and a nice start to the day. Continuously throughout our meal we had people about checking we were ok and fine for drinks and when they weren't busy waiting on us the elves played merrily in the middle of all the tables, doing childlike games and skipping to keep creating the child like atmosphere, my children were totally transfixed and were convinced they were the real live elves. After our full breakfast the children were served pancakes with sauce and cream which the elves put on like smiley faces and my children loved it they kept coming back putting different kinds of faces on them. The pancakes were followed up by the elves getting all the children up to dance to the Christmas songs in the middle and keeping them entertained for a good while, while the adults enjoyed seeing their children filled with delight. Santa was called away at this point ready for each child's visit to him. Instead of just leaving everyone to it they had another activity while children were called in and they stuck sweets to their own gingerbread teddy, which kept them amused until it was their turn, again I have to complement the elves on doing their job superbly and keeping the kids going until it was their turn and also one of them noticed I was struggling with my children while my husband was in the toilet and was straight over to entertain some of them to help me out. I cannot express how fabulous the elves were in making the morning the most enjoyable morning for me and my children.

It was then our time to go and see Santa we got lead by two elves to the entrance and were whisked straight down the winter wonderland tunnel which to be frank took my breath away it was fantastic and beautiful, I can't express in words just how magical it was and I took a picture but it really doesn't do it justice. I found myself squealing with excitement 'I'm just sooooo excited' the other thing that really made it special was the fact they had used real Christmas trees and the smell was amazing and really enhanced the feeling of Christmas. I have been to other places where you queue up for literally hours to see Santa and by the time you get there and the kids are fed up by the time you get there but going this early no one else was there and we got straight in but observing later on I saw that there seemed to be some kind of system to get people in when the park was open so the children could play in a waiting area until it was their turn, which I thought was great. The Santa again was very friendly and asked us if we all wanted to be in the picture which is fab as we have never all been in one before and takes pride of place now. We were then told to go to his grotto to pick a present and I actually mentioned to my husband how good the quality was as usually it's not great from places that do the Santa experience thing and had a great range of things to choose from.

After we had finished seeing Santa we were all lead up to feed his reindeer, which was lovely and an added extra for the kids to do, there was never any bored moment or a moment where I was struggling with fed up kids, things were planned to every last detail and made it a really fun and magical morning for my kids and me and I can't find one thing that I would improve or change.

After the Santa breakfast we were free to use the park to its fullest and we made full use of the rides and attractions, visiting all of the animals, screaming on the roller-coaster and spending hours in the soft play area for my 1 year old twins. There was absolutely something for everyone and I will definitely be changing where I go for my annual Seeing Santa trip. We loved it and had a fabulous time. Thank you to everyone who made it so enjoyable.

Rating: 5/5

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