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Bravado Body Silk Seamless Sheer Nursing Bra Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I am currently galloping toward my due date, and in urgent need of comfortable bras not just to support me now but after birth and with breastfeeding.  I was pleased to be asked to review the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Sheer Nursing Bra as I am already the proud owner of the Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra which I love, I had high hopes for this different style as I had been previously impressed with the brand.

I was sent a black bra and was impressed with the quality, the fabric is thick, lovely and soft and the design features a sweetheart neckline with a sheer mesh neckline, it’s a beautiful design, something that Bravado seems to execute really well is how to make their bras look stylish and modern rather than frumpy and hideous as so many other maternity/nursing bras are.

I looked at the sizing chart on the website which was easy to follow to select my size. The bra is flexi fit, so comes in Small, Medium and Large rather than the usual chest circumference and cup size. I ordered a Large, I actually thought it looked too small but it fit like a dream.
The fabric is stretchy, has a 4 setting clasp and adjustable straps which is necessary to support ever changing boobs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

On trying the bra I was first pleased with the comfort it offered my sore and swollen breasts and then with the design, it doesn’t look like a nursing bra at all in fact the only give away is the well disguised clips for easy access to the breast for feeding.  The clips are easy to operate single handed which is an absolute requirement when trying to negotiate a wriggly, hungry infant and clothing in the way of milk supply at the same time.

The bra has moulded cups which can be removed through small pockets. These kept the bra and boobs nicely shaped, the only issue is they shift in the wash and fold over on themselves so I removed them which speeded up the drying process and then re-inserted and positioned afterwards which wasn’t too much of a difficulty, if it annoys me too much I will just remove them entirely and wear without, this was my only complaint about the product.  Otherwise the bra washed well on a 30 degree wash, it air dried quickly and kept its shape.

There are 3 colours available in this style- black, midnight sky (which is a gorgeous petrol blue) and Dawn (a pleasant dusty pink colour) I would love to see the matching maternity knickers available.

The Body Silk Seamless Sheer nursing bra can be purchased for £30 which is on a par with competing brands and well worth it for the comfort support and style Bravado offers.

Bravado have a number of different styles of Nursing Bras available, I would recommend to any expecting or breastfeeding mother, they really feel like they have put a lot of thought into their products and their customer group. Well done Bravado, my b**bs and I thank you!

Rating: 4.5

RRP: £30

This product can be purchased from Bravado here.

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