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Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us Review


Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

I always buy a small toy or item of clothing for my grandchildren at Easter as I don’t like the idea of them eating too much chocolate, so I was very happy to receive Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us board game to review as an Easter gift idea. I have bought Orchard Toys board games for my family many times and have always been very impressed with the quality. Prior to my retirement I worked in an early years setting with young children and I am very keen on the idea of children learning through play. The Dino-Snore-Us game teaches little ones to develop social skills by taking turns as well as being great fun.

Dino-Snore-Us is a dinosaur themed board game suitable for children over the age of four and can be played by two to four players, so it is perfect for my youngest grandchildren who are aged five, six and seven. My family seem to spend so much time glued to their tablets, so a screen free activity like this is a great way to play and bond with them.

The game is simple to assemble with clear, easy to follow instructions on how to play so there is no time for little ones to become impatient waiting to play. The game consists of a playing board, 1 T-Rex figure, 4 dinosaur playing pieces, 4 stands, 24 eggs, 4 nest collection boxes, 1 spinner board with arrow and 1 dice, all contained in a sturdy, recyclable cardboard box. The aim of the game is to collect as many eggs as possible without waking the T-Rex.  The overall winner is the player with the most uncracked eggs. This game is ideal for young children as it reinforces observational and counting skills.

We had great fun playing this game. Every time one of us landed on a dinosaur footprint, the T-Rex had to be turned round and that player had to give a huge roar or snore, causing much laughter and mayhem. The children loved the overall silliness of the play and were rolling around laughing throughout. It was amazing playing with my grandchildren, knowing that in addition to having a lovely time, they were developing so many learning skills including literacy, numbers, shapes and colours as well as learning to share and take turns. The game is constructed from bright and colourful card so is visually appealing, especially for young children. Although the game is primarily aimed at ages four and upwards, a younger child could play very happily with an adult as the instructions are very basic. The colourful sturdy board pieces are very tactile and robust so little children will be able grip them without breaking or damaging them.

I would recommend this as an ideal Easter gift for families with young children. Spending time with our little ones, playing and having an enjoyable time is the perfect way to spend our time and is so much healthier than buying a chocolate egg. As Easter is traditionally a time for families to celebrate being together, playing the Dino-Snore-Us game was really enjoyable and fun.

Rating: 5/5

RRP:  £10.75

This product can be purchased from Orchard Toys here.

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