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Reviewed by Suzanne Collins

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review the online learning platform As a teacher I have heard about Reading Eggs but not had the opportunity to give it a try and given the current climate of lots of home learning it will get used lots by my two daughters in Year 2 and Year 4, at school. Signing up was very easy and straightforward, I could register both my children in the family dashboard.

Reading Eggs surprised me because it isn’t just about reading! It also offers learning to an impressive age range, 2 – 13 year olds. I was very curious as to how it would be able to offer exciting learning to such a wide range! I soon found out how. When the child signs in they get the option of different areas to try, the different areas aimed at different age ranges. ‘Reading Eggs Junior’ is aimed at ages 2-4, Reading Eggs – ages 3-7, a new area ‘Fast Phonics’ – ages 5-10, ‘Reading Eggspress’ – ages 7-13 and Mathseeds ages 3-9. There is also a library of ebooks to read!

My daughters wanted to try the Reading Eggs area first. When you first enter the area, you have to do a placement test. A series of questions. When you get 3 wrong it stops and you get placed into the relevant ‘lesson’. At first I thought that my daughters were placed a little low but actually, this enabled them to build up her confidence and get used to the interface. It is also useful to note that you can retake the placement test or manually choose the correct level lesson, if needed!

Once you have done the placement test you can start your learning journey by following the lessons. The lessons are a collection of activities that the child works through. Each activity offers a different way of learning about a particular area or thing. For example vowels, syllables or a particular sound in a word. I found that the activities are generally well explained, bright colourful and easily picked up by my daughters. My youngest particularly likes the little animations that you get when you complete an activity. The unicorn being her favourite!

In the Reading Eggs area, there are also other learning areas to have a go at. One being ‘spelling’. This is a similar set up to the reading area where the child works through lessons, this time however, focused on ‘golden words’. There are also other areas that include ‘Storylands’, ‘Driving Tests’ and ‘Story Factory’ though we’ve not used these areas as much I can see that the ‘story’ areas give a particular focus on being a creative author which is a brilliant thing to promote. The driving tests give an opportunity to ‘road test’ the skills that they’ve learned!

The ‘Reading Eggspress’ area is aimed at Year 3 upwards and is pleasingly adapted to match the age range. A more ‘mature’ feel.

Mathseeds is as you would expect – a maths area! This, like the Reading Eggs area, has a placement test to find the right starting point for the ‘lessons’. My daughters have happily been working through as it works similarly to the Reading Eggs lessons, but with a maths focus. The other area in this part, I particularly like, is the ‘Mental Minute’ area. This game gives you a minute to answer 10 mental maths questions – building up the difficulty as you go. I quite like the reward music and collectable character reward you get once completing a level. My daughter enjoyed looking at these and is really hoping she gets the rainbow fairy one! There is another area in ‘Mathseeds’ called ‘Driving Test’ where the child can complete tests based on the different areas of maths.

There are another couple of stand out areas that I wanted to point out in this review. The first being the rewards for the children. These have been a big motivation for my daughters. Every time an activity is completed, in any area, the child is rewarded with eggs or seeds (depending on the area). You can then use the eggs and seeds as currency in the various extras. The two biggest draws for my girls being the games and shopping for their in game house/apartment! Spend ten eggs to play a game or save up for a snazzy sofa for your virtual house! My youngest likes the games and the oldest the opportunity to design her house. She is currently saving up for a fancy bed!

The other area is the feedback to parents. The family dashboard gives a great overview of the activities completed and achievements made. I have also had emails to notify me when they have worked through their ‘lessons’ and gained a certificate! I found this a nice little extra as it means that I don’t always have to be standing over them to see how they are doing, which promotes more independent learning.

I really do feel that we have only scratched the surface of Reading Eggs. We’re now all set up on the right lessons but I know that there are other areas that we will be able to explore over time. The interface is bright, inviting and so far a massive hit with my children!! A great online learning platform that offers fun, tailored to their level activities, whatever the age of the child! is available as an app or via the website. Monthly subscription available for £6.99 or 12 month subscription available for £47.95. Discounts for extra children and currently a 30 day free trial.

Rating: I give a rating of 4.5/5 (minus 0.5 as it took a bit of time for me to get my head round each of the different areas to set my children up).

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