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Brainstorm’s Igloo Mania Review

Reviewed by David Savage

With the days getting darker from about 4.30 and definitely getting colder it isn’t the best time of year to be spending time outdoors with the children. Board games are always a handy way to relieve boredom and spend the cold wintery days tucked up nice and snug in the warm. We have lots of board games and are always happy to try out more, so we were delighted when Igloo Mania from Brainstorm arrived.

Igloo Mania isn’t strictly a board game but it is a game that requires some skill, patience and a very steady hand!

Igloo Mania is a game for 2-4 players, aged 5 years and upwards. It has a playing time of around 15 minutes so is great for children with short attention spans.

In the box there are:

x64 Ice Blocks, 35 Penguin Picks, x1 Parka Pete, x1 Support Dome (in two parts), x1 Base Ring with Door, x1 Sticker Sheet and an instruction leaflet.

Before you are able to play the game they is some setup (one off) to do, you need to stick the stickers on all the ice blocks (each block in numbered inside). Once this is done you are ready to play.

To start, firstly you need to assemble the igloo. There is a support dome to help do this and keep the ice blocks in place. Once the igloo is complete and Parka Pete place on top lift the igloo (by the igloo door) off the support dome. You can now start to play.

The idea is to use your penguin picks to insert into a block and remove it from the igloo without causing more to fall. You really do need a steady hand. For younger children that may be not so dexterous you can also play be leaving the support dome in.

The winner is the person who has the fewest blocks at the end of the game or whoever has the lowest score by adding up the numbers on the blocks.

Overall, this is a great game of skill, dexterity and patience. We have had some great fun with it but do have to use the support dome with the twins as they are still a bit too heavy handed and just gets them frustrated.

If you’ve ever played Pop-Up Pirate it is quite similar to that except that you have to remove bits.

A fun family game that all the family can take part in and with two different ways to play depending on skill levels it truly is one everyone can enjoy.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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