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Brainstorm Toys My Very Own Fairy Jar Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

My 6 year old girl adores fairies, it is somewhat of a theme she follows in all areas, she draws fairies, dresses up as fairies, reads fairy books etc so you can imaging the excitement when she was presented with My Very Own Fairy Jar from Brainstorm Toys. She got stuck straight in.

The Fairy Jar kit arrived in a cardboard box, with lots of pictures explaining its contents. This was very enticing to my daughter and she was itching to get started. Inside the box were the components of the jar, they were individually wrapped in tissue paper, my daughter loved unwrapping each one to see what was inside.

It contained a plastic jar in two halves and a lid, a secret key, coloured pebbles, a lantern with stand, background picture, fairy dust, flowers, vines and miniature mushrooms, teeny envelopes and note paper and of course a pretty little fairy. There were so many adorable touches to make a miniature fairy land my daughter got straight to work making a magical land adding all the scenery and then some sparkle, it kept her occupied for a while, she’s quite the perfectionist and wanted to make everything just right for the fairy inhabitant.

Everything was going smoothly until my daughter started looking for the tiny acorn lantern which she saw in the picture on the box, she was worried that it had been lost and then we discovered something really magical…the special gold key opens up a secret compartment in the lid of the jar and inside is the little acorn. It was so exciting for her to discover (and for me too a bit). There is also a little note with a code for some online games.

The jar takes 2x AAA batteries which are not included, so make sure you have some in to avoid disappointment. This makes the jar glow in various colours and also play a magical sound. My daughter wanted to use this for a night light which actually worked really well as it was a soft glow and on a timer so switched itself off after 30 minutes.

You would think that the fun would end there, but my own little fairy wanted to make use of the little note paper and envelopes. She wrote down her wishes as small as she could on the special teensy stationary and posted them to the fairy in the jar. This was adorable, I loved watching my daughter engage with this toy and seeing the magic in her face, it truly is full of hidden surprises and bought so much delight. It has been so well thought out with each component planned with care.

My Very Own Fairy Jar is available to buy for £24.99 which in my opinion is worth every penny given the enjoyment and magic it created. I would recommend to anyone with a child who enjoys a bit of fairy enchantment. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.99

For more information please visit Brainstorm Toys here.

This product can be purchased from Brightminds here.

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