Brainbox Candy 6 Pack of Warning Coasters Review

Reviewed by Jo Knox

These 6 warning coasters are from and they came stacked individually without any specific wrapping on them. The coasters are 100 x 100mm in size. The underneath of the coasters are cork and this makes them practical and stick to surfaces so they don’t slip. The top of the coasters are shiny and very slippery. I didn’t feel confident that the glass wouldn’t easily slip off this. However, the shiny surface means that they are easy to keep clean and they wipe down easily. I feel this made it less practical as a glass could easily have slid off this. They do feel strong a durable and they wouldn’t break easily.

The graphics are basic and resemble triangular and circular road/information signs. Inside each is either a wine glass or a pint glass or the classic ‘I’ for information. There are four colours used being red, green, yellow and blue as a backdrop to the writing. The writing is in black and easy to read. Most of them start with WARNING or CAUTION. The wording on these coasters are all relating to wine or beer and some people may consider some of the content as offensive. They all have adult humour and some with strong swearing. I did though find myself laughing when reading these.

My husband has a bar in the house so he will use some of the ones without swearing on there. However, those with the swearing in the caption aren’t practical with 2 children in the house. I certainly wouldn’t want them to see the one with the caption ‘Wine is mummy’s way of forgetting what little sh*@bags you have been all day’. I may have laughed when reading it but I certainly don’t relate to this being true or would ever leave this out for my children to read. I think these coasters are more novelty rather than something you would go out of your way for to buy for the home. I would say they would be great fun for a Secret Santa present or something similar, providing the receiver isn’t offended easily!

These are £10.00 which I think is a little expensive given they aren’t that practical to use in the home but could be a great novelty gift.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £10

Available to buy from Brainbox Candy here.

3 Star

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