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BHBourne & Hollingsworth
Clerkenwell, London

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

Bourne & Hollingsworth, the well-known cocktail bar, has branched out this year into doing ‘food’ but not as a conventional restaurant! They have turned one of their upstairs rooms into a teaching kitchen with top-of-the range equipment (including swanky Zwilling and Henkel knives) and seating for up to 16 guests. This isn’t just any old kitchen, but the chef on hand is Michelin-starred Adam Gray (Le Manor aux Quat’ Saisons) to teach lesson such as How to Cook the Perfect Steak, How to Fillet and Cook Fresh Fish and Specialty Bread Making. Some courses are a full day, others are shorter after work events, but they are all written to deliver something other than the normal boring cookery lesson you had to sit through at school, and teach you skills you will both use and love.

We watched Adam cook Crisp Cornish Mackerel with Rhubarb Relish and Sea Kale, using only seasonal ingredients and as locally sourced as possible. The mackerel was gorgeous, and all the better for being cooked right in front of our eyes!

The kitchen can also be hired out for private lessons (think: alternative Hen Party) or have a chef on site to cater for your friends (what about a pre-wedding get together?) and the lovely people at B&H set up an honesty bar for guests who just want to gather upstairs and not have to make trips up and down to the bar all night. The large bespoke kitchen table has room for everyone, and the gorgeous centre piece is the sunken fruit bowl with all the kitchen fruit and vegetables piled high for anyone to use.


It’s a lovely setting for something a bit more unusual for guests or a trip out with friends, without the worry of wondering if everyone will enjoy it.

The Bourne & Hollingsworth Kitchen will be open from 1 March 2016.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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The B&H Kitchen course schedule will include the following:

• Knife Skills (Short Course)
Participants will learn about each knife’s uses as well as being taught how to sharpen a knife properly. At the end of the class, they will cut and chop like a trained chef.

• Fish – Filleting and Cooking
While learning the healthy properties of and the difference between white & oily fish, participants will be taught how to scale, skin, fillet and marinade round and flat fish.

• Bread No.1
Participants will learn the basic making of white and brown bread dough and progress to creating a fruit loaf

• Specialty Bread No. 2
An advanced course focusing on enriched dough, specialty flavoured breads and cutting and shaping various artisan bread rolls.

• Sausage Making
A course on the construction of the perfect sausage that focuses on the ingredients that go into a high quality sausage meat of various flavours and styles.

• Butchery ‐ Meat & Poultry
Participants will be trained how to bone out various joints of meat and how to prepare poultry efficiently.

• Game
This course will cover an education on the game season and offer the opportunity to prepare and cook various classic and modern game dishes.

• Vegetables ‐ Seasonal and British (Short Course)
An introduction to buying and using seasonal vegetables, specifically from B&H’s supplier at New Covent Garden Market. Additionally, partakers will be shown how to produce vegetable dishes that stand‐alone from meat or fish heavy meals.

• How to cook the perfect steak
Participants will be taught the various cuts and what to look out for when purchasing quality beef before learning to cook steak perfectly.



Bourne & Hollingsworth, B&H Buildings, Northampton Rd, London, EC1R 0HU
0207 724 1617


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