Boot Room

Major honours for Liverpool Football Club

It's not every day you get to walk into a Premier League football club and spend time in the changing rooms where legends like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher prepare for an all important game.  But for a reasonable price you and your family can get a tour of this famous ground and have the opportunity (for an additional but affordable cost) to eat in VIP style in the Boot Room restaurant.

According to club history (and the good-humoured tour guides who gleam with pride at working for their chosen squad), the restaurant's name comes from the room where the manager – the celebrated Bill Shankly – and coaches would meet to discuss team strategy.  So famous was this room that many believe it was the "four-leafed clover" behind the club's success during that period.

The restaurant (you'll be pleased to hear no where near sweaty socks or dirty boots) is definitely a winning combination for the club's offering to the public.  Above the gift shop, where you can buy many souvenirs including team shirts from players past and present, the affordable menu delivers exquisite meals in style.  The waitress who served us was appropriately friendly and more than happy, when asked, to share her story of why she proudly works for the club including the opportunity once in a while to meet the players themselves.

Whether a football fan or not, the restaurant itself is well worth a visit and highly recommended.

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