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Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio Review

BloomPopsBloom Pops Flower Design Studio

Reviewed by Louise Best

Initially I found Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio to be colourful, exciting and intriguing. My daughter couldn’t wait to get started and create unique fabric flowers for all family members!

The set itself consists of flower fabric petals, one flower design studio, sticky pads, flower bases and buttons, flower spacers, a display tree, sparkly gems and a release tool. The set also has a bloom pop maker girl; however when assisting my daughter to make the flowers I found this piece to be somewhat irrelevant in the creation process. It was easier to make the flowers by hand rather than using this piece.

I feel that the play value with this creative piece is limited as there are only six flower bases and buttons; so in order to make several combinations you have to dismantle each piece.

Overall I felt that whilst the product is creative, novel and appealing at first it is not a set that will be returned to and used often. I feel that the price is a little expensive given its limited play value.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from Flair PLC here.

3 Star

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