Blood Brothers at the Princess Theatre Torquay Review

Blood Brothers
Princess Theatre, Torquay

Showing until 30 November 2013

Reviewed by Ian Ballinger

Tonight at the splendid Princess Theatre, Torquay, my wife and I were treated to a very special opening night performance of the classic British musical, Blood Brothers. 

This world famous show is now on the sixth leg of a long tour and will visit 15 more venues after leaving Devon. I can highly recommend that you take up the opportunity to see this brilliantly written and directed production. 

The story is about the lives of twins – Micky and Eddie – separated at birth after their poor divorcee mother, Mrs Johnstone (Maureen Nolan), is coerced into giving one of her babies to her wealthy employer, Mrs Lyons, who is unable to conceive. 

The play is set in 1980's Liverpool and the exceptional cast all play their part in transporting the audience to that time. The acting throughout the performance was of a very high calibre and accompanying orchestra were first class. 

I really enjoyed the sharp wit and humour that runs through the first act in particular, which left me chuckling through the interval as I pondered what I'd seen. The play is very much about the socio economic divide between the haves and the have nots, which was perfectly highlighted by the twins growing up on the opposite ends of the spectrum. This plot builds from a light hearted first act to the tragic end of the play. 

The play is known as weepy, but I was not emotionally moved at any stage. Am I cold or was the production more light hearted than previous shows? I can't answer that as it was the first time I have watched the show, though I would happily go again.

At the end of the show the delighted crowd gave a rousing standing ovation. There is no clearer sign of a job well done. 

I say again, if you can get to a theatre to see this show, it will be well worth it.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £12.90 to £38.90 (plus £4 transaction fee). 
For more information or to book tickets click here.

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