During the summer holidays we went to the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.  Our party consisted of 4 adults and 4 very excited children ranging between the age of 5 and 10.   All the staff that day were helpful and polite.  After entering the park we watched the Spectacular Dancing Water Show which kept the children and adults entertained.

Half of our party headed off to Nickelodeon Land while the rest started our visit with a ride on the Flying Machines. Next was a jaunt on Alice in Wonderland which appealed to the younger members of our party. In fact it was so enjoyable we repeated the ride 3 times.          

After a quick pitstop to eat our picnic we then tried out the Derby Racer which was fast and extremely good fun. This is what is so good about the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool is that there are rides that appeal to all age groups right next to each other. There is not a specific area dedicated to one particular age set. Even in Nickelodeon Land there are rides that appeal to the older visitors.

This is where we headed next. Nickelodeon Land is a great part of the Pleasure Beach with rides based on SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. Here there is a great mix of rollercoasters such as the Nickelodeon Streak for the more adult visitors and Blue Flyer which is an excellent introduction for younger visitors. Blue Flyer was such a big hit with us that we went on it 6 times !

Another big favourite in our party was Spongebob’s Splash Bash.   This ride involves spraying water at other people on the ride and even people not on it. We laughed our heads off with enjoyment as some people got soaked ! Other great attractions in Nickelodeon Land are the Rugrats Lost River,which is a log flume and Krusty Krab Order Up which leaves you with a strange but exciting feeling at the pit of your stomach !

With this in mind one of our party ventured onto Avatar Airbender. This is a fantastic ride which spins and glides with great speed. As with most of the rides on the Pleasure Beach the queue was not too long. We invested in a Speedy Pass which we would recommend as it fast tracks you onto rides. It is a very clever piece of equipment which allows you to book a ride from anywhere in the Pleasure Beach. At a cost of £5 for the device and £7.50 for each user (maximum of 6 people per device) we found it well worth it.

Using it we booked a ride on the Big Dipper which is one of the vintage rides in Blackpool. Next to get the Speedy Pass treatment was Infusion which is an excellent white knuckle ride. Its difficult to describe the feeling you get as you corkscrew spinning this way and that and you lose all perception of what way you are looking. One second you look at the ground the next you are looking at the sky ! It all ends to quickly and the ride comes to an end with some people walking very slowly and tentatively to the picture booth to examine what expression the face has contorted into ! Great fun all together !

Right next to this and at a very different pace is the extremely popular Grand Prix. This is a deceptively long ride which appeals to all ages. As with all the rides at the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool the very helpful staff helped us into our cars and we were off with the younger members of our party in control of the steering wheels. This ride was so popular on our visit that the Speedy Pass came in handy yet again.

After Grand Prix we took the bold step of reserving a ride on the Big One,sponsored by Pepsi Max. We met up with the rest of our party and two of us nervously made our way to the rollercoaster that beats all others ! As you are carried up to the top of the ride we could swear you could see the coast of Ireland you go that high ! For a split second you are held there then you drop straight down trying not to scream….too much ! With adrenalin and heartrate pumping this ride is a true definition of white knuckle and extremely enjoyable.

To change the pace slightly we then went on River Caves which is very interesting and runs more sedately than the Big One. Then there was a trip on the very popular Ghost Train which had us screaming and laughing in equal measure. After this the more adventurous of our party went on Avalanche while the less brave went on TeaCup ride sponsored by Tetley. This proved to be very popular with the younger members of our party as they went on it 3 times in a row !

Sadly our visit ended there but we cannot wait to go again as there is so much to see and do at the Pleasure Beach. Next time we aim to try Valhalla, Ice Blast and Revolution sponsored by Irn Bru. The Pleasure Beach, Blackpool  is an excellent day out for all the family and we would recommend getting Speedy Passes. We would also recommend looking into getting annual passes as the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool  is one of the best attractions in the northwest of England.

We are already planning our next trip to Blackpool and are looking into 12 Days of Christmas at Nickelodeon Land which starts on December 3rd and runs right upto Christmas Eve with great deals when you book online. For more details see    

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