Biovène Barcelona Shampoo and Conditioning Bars Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

Like many people I have been actively trying to reduce the amount of single use plastics I have in my household, so I was delighted to be asked to try Biovene shampoo and conditioning bars , I have seen these types of products before rbut had been reluctant to try them as I was unsure of there effectiveness .

I loved the modern packaging with it’s bright,bold messages and of course it was minimal and recyclable ,the products are dermatology tested ,not tested on animals,plastic free,sls free,palm oil free,ph balanced,and vegetarian so tick a lot of boxes for me.

The bars are quite small at 40g but are the equivalent to one and a half bottles of liquid, I was pleased to see that the shampoo and condition were different colours so were easy to identify when out of the box . The shampoo in a bar I used was biotin and apple cider for healthy strong hair rejuvenation , as I had never used this type of product before I followed the instructions very carefully, (everything is written in 7 different languages and the letters are very small so I had to use a magnifying glass)which was wet your hair ,wet the bar then slide the bar 3/5 times down your hair from root to tip , I was absolutely amazed at the rich cream lather this produced, and felt that it thoroughly cleaned my hair, after this was rinsed off I went on to the citrus dream conditioner in a bar which was described as dreamy ultra hydrating, the instructions which I followed for using this were smooth the bar over wet hair massage through and leave 1- 5 minutes, there was no lather from this product it was more like a light serum, unlike any type of conditioner I’ve ever used before, but it smoothed out my hair really well,and left it easy to comb and manageable ,there was no noticeable perfume from either product.

I would advise keeping the bars on a soap dish away from water so they don’t get washed away while you continue your shower.

I was very impressed with both of these products ,they were easy to use and left my hair looking clean, healthy and hydrated,they do the job just as well as the traditional liquid shampoos and conditioners as well as been kinder to our planet they would also be ideal for traveling as they are light, compact and no risk of leaking.

My husband also tried the shampoo bar and he liked it especially on his beard.

Both products come in 5 different varieties and are fabulous value at £6.12 each ,there is also a larger 75g bar available in two varieties at £8.77 each.
Biovene are a Spanish company with very strong ethics ,they are based in Barcelona ,their website is full unique products for hair,face and body ,they also have a new range of hand cleansing gel and face masks all at very reasonable prices.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: From £6.12

These products can be purchased from here.

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