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Eatsleepdoodle Space Explorer Pillowcase Review


Reviewed by Sandip Stapleton

We were lucky enough to receive an Eatsleepdoodle Space Explorer themed, colour me in pillowcase, complete with pens. Now, my kids are 5 and 8 and they have both received their fair share of ‘colour me in’ gifts from friends. We’ve had colour me in cushions, bags, a football, pencil cases an even a light up toy in the past as presents. So we’ve had our fair share of experience with colour me in pieces and my kids love them, so they were more than happy to receive this pillow and have a go.
There are quite a few different style colour me in pillows on their website that you can buy. As well as the space one we received, you can also purchase a world map, doodle notebook style, dinosaur, dolls house, and a gorgeous butterfly one which I have to say has definitely caught my eye. Even better, a few of the pillows also have matching duvet covers! Amazing!
We received the space explorer pillowcase. One side, which the kids coloured first, depicted the 8 planets, some rockets and satellite, stars and some numerical facts. It was a shame the planets themselves weren’t named.
On the other side of the pillow, it depicts the Apollo 11 moon landing with Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. It even has the infamous American flag printed on it too. On the inside panel of the case, there is a mnemonic so that it makes it easy or the kids to learn the order of the planets. It’s the same mnemonic that I learnt at primary school, with the exception of Pluto. They get to fill in the order themselves which is why I think it would have been nice for the planet names to have been printed on the outer case itself. But this pillow has a nice educational feel to it to, not just a fun activity to do. Double bonus.

The pack of 10 pens are also included in the package too. The pens are of good quality and have a thicker end for main colouring, and a finer end for more detailed work. Having looked at the website, I think the same pack of pens comes with the different pillowcases which makes sense, but it was a shame there was no grey/silver in this particular set to colour the spaceships and satellites, however, this did not seem to bother the kids at all.
Thankfully, there was no bleeding through to the other side when the kids were colouring their first side, but if you were concerned about that you could place a piece of card in-between, but the material is nice and thick so this wasn’t an issue for us.

In terms of the feel of the pillowcase, it is 100% cotton so very suitable for children and is a standard size so fits all standard pillows.
One of my worries was the ink imprinting onto my son’s face whilst he slept, especially as he is a dribbler but it was totally fine, there was no colour rub off or bleeding.
The unique aspect to this item, over any other colour me in item we have done before, is the fact that this can be washed and done again. This meant that, actually for my 5 year old, there was no pressure to be ‘perfect’ and keep in the lines an so he had free rein to use whatever colours he wanted to and in any way he wanted. He loved it.
In terms of washing the pillow, we washed it on its own as I was worried about the pens leaking onto other items of washing and as we have a washing machine that adjusts to the weight of the wash that was fine to do. There was very minimal colour left on the pillowcase after washing and what was left was in the areas where the kids had coloured an area over an over to get darker picture.
In summary, this Eatsleepdoodle colour in Space Explorer pillowcase, is a brilliant item. It has an RRP off £14.95 which is a bit pricey than you would like to pay for a single pillowcase for a child, however, this is much more than just a pillowcase. It provided my kids hours of entertainment which during this lockdown, was well worth the money. My kids are 5 and 8 but I think this would be great for kids aged 5 up to 12 years of age.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.95

You can buy this product from Eatsleepdoodle here.

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