Bibetta Wipeezee Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

We all know how messy babies and toddlers can be when eating their food, so you can imagine how delighted I was to receive this and try it out.

WOW!  Why did I not know about this bib sooner, it is absolutely brilliant.

I used this with both my 6 month and 9 month old grandchildren.  It was a tad too big for the 6 month old but it still worked and done the job.  It is a lovely and gentle fit around the neck without it feeling uncomfortable or restrictive for them.

They were not too sure about it at first, very unusual to the usual and stand bibs they and I have been used to.  I soon distracted them with the bold, bright and vibrant colours that are on the bib, along with the fruit that is on it.  Orange, pear, apple and lemons.  Apart from lemon, I gave them pieces of the other fruit and interacted with them.  The 6 month old wasn’t old enough to really understand, nevertheless, it was interactive and educational play with which is very important to me.  The 9 moth old enjoyed it much more, trying to point to the fruit on the bib with what was being eaten.  So much fun.

This is an extremely extra large bib which covers baby’s arms, body and the highchair table.  Such a genius invention and so simple to use. 

It keeps baby and table of highchair clean during messy mealtimes.

Drinks and food are safely caught in the ‘pocket’ space between the child’s front and the highchair table; ideal for self-feeding and baby-led weaning. 

Once you have finished with it, it is so easy to clean, just wipe off and it’s ready for the next meal.

It is so easy to use, just slide the underside ‘pocket’ over the front edge of the highchair and then tuck the middle part of the bib down in front of your child’s tummy so it catches the food. 

The bib has 2 elastic straps which can be attached to a selection of hook and loop tabs on the sides of the bib and then attached to the legs or around the back of your highchair to keep it securely in place, (just make sure that the straps do not touch your child’s limbs or body).

  • Two elastic straps supplied and bib has six hook and loop tabs underneath to fix to any highchair and the configuration of your choice
  • If not using the tray on a highchair the pocket can be flipped out to catch dropped food
  • Perfect for travel – can be rolled or folded up to fit into changing bags when out and about and in restaurants
  • 100% wipe-clean material (polyester with a smooth polyurethane top layer)
  • More relaxed mealtimes by making it easy to clean up afterwards.
  • 100% waterproof, 100% wipe-cleanable and machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Easy to clean and exceptional quality


Length: 67cm

Width (at the widest point): 64cm

Suitable from 6-30 months

Overall, this is just amazing.  Great idea and concept and so much more less mess at meal times.

RRP £19.99 and absolutely well worth every penny.



This product can be purchased from Bibetta here.

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