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Bibetta Neoprene Lunchbag Review


Reviewed by Claire Giles

After being unimpressed with the lunchbags I bought my children for school previously ( the last lunchbag lasted literally two weeks before the handle snapped off ) I was keen to try the Bibetta Neoprene lunchbag. From the description on the website it ticks all the boxes of what I want in a lunchbag. My girls loved the look of the fun, funky, modern lunchbag designs on the website.

I had previously used the Bibetta bibs when my girls were younger which I loved so was expecting good things from the lunchbag. Bibetta was started in 2004 by a product designer dad who was also a keen surfer. He had tried many different types of bibs for his daughter but found non were ideal. He realised that his wetsuit material neoprene would provide the perfect solution. Neoprene is naturally waterproof, stretchy, has a soft friendly feel, is almost stain-proof and is tough and durable making it ideal for bibs. The brand grew from there.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the packaging was how vibrant the colours on the lunchbag were which would be very enticing for children. I received the tropical fish design lunchbag to review. Other designs available are dinosaurs, flamingos, unicorns, melon, orange and rainbow. There is a design to please children of all ages. The lunchbag is very lightweight and stretchy so different shaped bottles and containers would easily fit inside. The bag size is 23cm x 18cm x 9cm. I packed it with my daughter’s sandwich box and bottle they normally take to school plus a fruit pack and jelly pot. This all fitted in easily with room to spare. The handle is comfy to hold even when the lunchbag is full. Neoprene is naturally insulating keeping food and drink at the right temperature. I used the lunchbag on a recent trip out. I packed it with chilled snack food and drink and they were still chilled when we ate them about 3 hours later. The zip fastening top opens fully so you can lay it flat on a table / surface and remove items or eat the contents directly from the lunchbag.

One of the main selling point for me, especially in the current climate, was that the lunchbag could be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees ( or hand washed ). There are no seams like on a typical children’s lunchbox that tend to tramp crumbs and are often difficult to clean and dry. This makes it easier to keep clean and hygenic.

This lunchbag would be ideal for school, nursery or a picnic in the park. The design and material of the bag makes it multifunctional so could be used to carry other items as well not just food and drink.

Retailing between £17.99 – £19.99 this lunchbag is in the higher price range of what I would normally pay for a lunchbag. But after buying cheaper ones which have broken rather quickly this one seems more durable and hopefully therefore will last longer making it worth the higher retail price.

My girls will definitely be using this lunchbag when they return to school. I just need to purchase another one now to stop the arguing between my twins over who will get to use it!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17.99 – £19.99

This product can be purchased from the Bibetta website here.

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