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Oxo Pop Containers Review


Reviewed by Mel Magnan

This week i received two 2.6L oxo pop good grip containers.  They both hold the same amount of dry foods but one is a square pop container and the other is a taller one as you can see in the photo of the containers I received . Oxo are well known for their products.  I have some of their items already and last a life time and have never been disappointed by their products so you know you are getting a top quality product. These containers have the added pop button on the lid at the top so they are really tightly sealed once “popped “ and once “ un popped “ they are really easy to take the lid off, so if you do have problems opening lids on containers these would be good to use as the pop up button doubles as a handle. If you know me I love a container i would put my whole house into a container.  I also have the added bonus that i have a neat machine that I can use to make labels so these will have labels asap ….so I can be super organised !!!!!

The Oxo Pop containers have loads of ideas on the labels what to put in them from rice, lentils, nuts , sugar , biscuits and even cereals if you purchase the bigger pop containers the list goes on and on so the design keeps food fresh and dry , they also stack on top of each other which is handy if you are tight for space in the cupboards or if like me likes to be organised . On the back of the label which is inside the container there is a few instructions on how to take apart the lids when washing them and how to reassemble , there is also a list of the different sizes of the containers you can purchase so is a handy guide when buying more .The containers are made from BPA free and have rounded corners to make pouring easier and also have a line to prevent overfilling.. Another good feature is that the lid comes apart for easy cleaning they are also dishwasher safe so that’s great for busy family’s .

There are also loads of must have accessories and gadgets you didn’t know you needed or wanted such as scopes, graters and even waste caddy’s , cleaning brushes and even items for the bathroom.  The list is endless you can find all of these on their web site.  There is so much to buy, items i never knew existed! I might have to buy more items ,which are a little more expensive but do not compare to cheaper alternatives , Oxo is a well known brand so you know you will be getting a quality item . There items can be purchased from Amazon , Dunelm, and lots of other leading shops so are easily found.  The company was founded only in 1990 by Sam Farber and there is a fascinating fact which i did not know is that he chose the name OXO because whether it’s horizontal , vertical , upside down or even backwards it always reads OXO which is a very clever name and can be easily remembered , so his range make preparing food that bit easier .

Rating: 5/5


These products can be purchased from the Oxo website here.

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