Bettys Treats Review


Reviewed by Angela Paull

I was sent some Fondant Fancies and Lavender Shortbread biscuits to review from Bettys.

They arrived very well packaged (using fully recyclable materials) without a single crumb out of place or without any breakage – quite some achievement with a biscuit.

The Shortbread was packaged in cellophane with a lilac ribbon and the Fondant Fancies came in their own box, which was decorated with pictures of cakes and biscuits. The packaging was so pretty that you could easily have given either product as a gift.

We started with the Autumn Flowers Fondant Fancies (as the advice slip enclosed with the delivery suggested these were best enjoyed within 2 days). We opened the box to find 9 beautifully decorated fancies – in subtle shades of pale pink and yellow, with little white icing flowers on the top. The fancies were quite big and one was definitely enough. The icing was sweet but not too overpowering and the sponge inside was as light as a feather. There was a thin layer of buttercream and jam inside – which had been perfectly judged to give an ideal balance of sweetness and flavour. If I was to be picky, my only niggle with these was that they stuck together slightly in the box so chunks of icing came away when we pulled them apart, this may have been due to the warm weather though. The cost of these is £15.75 for a box of 9 and are handcrafted in Yorkshire.


Having thoroughly sampled the fancies we turned our attention to the Lavender Shortbread. Each biscuit was a perfect couple of mouthfuls (and looked as though it would be dunkable if desired). We could see the flecks of lavender in the biscuit and wondered if the flavour might be a bit strong or soapy but, no, it was just right. The biscuits melted in the mouth giving a sufficient hit of lavender that you could instantly recognise the flavour but without it being overpowering in any way. I daresay that I could have eaten the entire bag they were so moreish. The cost of these is £4.50 per packet and are handcrafted in Yorkshire.


Judging by the care leaflet that came in our box, Bettys offer a wide range of tempting treats that are a little more indulgent than your average cake or biscuit. Perfect for a treat, afternoon tea or gift their website,, is certainly worth a visit.

On the basis of the products we sampled I would score a strong 4.5 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 half Star

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