Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend Christmas 2018

Christmas is right around the corner, so the topic of gifts is relevant as ever. And if you are in a relationship, the choice gets three times harder. Gifts for ladies don’t work like that – it’s not a cool Skyrim game, not a mini-bar with tequila – women need something more touching and meaningful, and at the same time original and unusual. If you know only your male friend’s preferences and have no idea what concealer and liquid lip means, let’s list some of the most interesting Christmas presents:

  1. 3D printer

The future has come, and the gadgets that surround us evidence this. We are no longer even surprised by 3D printers, but consider how romantic it can be to print a model of your beloved woman. Works perfectly for quirky geek couples as well.

  1. Professional photo shoot

No smartphone or camera will allow you to take pictures that you will see after a professional gets a photo shoot done. If you want to arrange this for your girlfriend, then go to the nice studio and offer a photo shoot in her favourite style: sexy, fun, glamorous, weird. But photography is not limited to usual pics. You, guys, can get engaged in couple photos and videos, shoot clips and arrange master classes. If she gets too close and embraces you throughout a shoot, then a girl shows all signs she wants a relationship with you.

  1. Korean beauty box

Korean products are popular around the world for a reason. This is not a tribute to fashion, and not even a consequence of a brand promotion. This makeup is really high-quality, especially if it’s about cosmetics for cleansing, moisturising, skincare. The cosmetic industry of South Korea is at the forefront, and the new developments are just incredible. If you have no idea what makeup means and want to keep it original, order a beauty box on the internet. You will be amazed by the shape and detailing of the container. Creams come in shapes of foxes, bananas and anime characters, being a nice decoration themselves. Women love makeup, so let your beloved one thrive and beam like a glazed donut.

  1. Funny sexy costumes

If your girlfriend has a good sense of humour, you can prepare this gift as an addition to something basic and romantic to add more flavour. How about a sexy Darth Vader of seductive Pikachu? It sounds absolutely insane, but at the end of the day you will be surprised how your beloved woman manages to turn quirky into sexy, weird into erotic, funny into cute.

  1. Ukulele

What will she learn from the experience of playing on ukulele? It can be relatively quickly learned how to play, it is very mobile and fun for any company, wherever you come. The best choice for those who want to relax from routine and have fun with friends. In general, the little Hawaiian guitar delivers an endless stream of pleasure, and it will be fun and awarding for both of you.

  1. Lava-lamp and plasma ball

There are things that seem strange – they are difficult to find use in everyday life. On the other hand, they radically change the atmosphere of the room and space. We are talking about a lava lamp and a plasma ball. Both of those things perform one function – a futuristic source of lighting. And if the plasma ball can create a magical atmosphere, the lava lamp can also warm you up. Both objects of the interior have a calming, meditative property and create an amazing atmosphere for your cosy nest.

Make your Christmas cosy and innovative at the same time. Don’t hesitate to give technical miracles. They are highly popular nowadays. Besides, a useful and innovative present can be as personal as a warm ugly Christmas sweater. Who sad a Christmas present should be classical? Have a nice shopping!

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