Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live at the Assembly Hall Theatre Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

My son was extremely excited to be off to Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall today (7 April 2017) to see Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live. It’s one of his absolute favourites and he was convinced there was going to be jelly flood, which was his main topic of conversation in the car on the way there.

On arrival, the foyer was full of all the normal merchandising, soft Gaston ladybird toys, books and coloured light sabres. But as we were running late like a lot of the mums we whizzed right by and into an entire auditorium of very excited, mainly pre-schoolers waiting for the show to begin. Two minutes later Ben & Holly were on stage singing and dancing and trying to decide what to play today. After a game of hide and seek with audience participation they were bored and called on Nanny Plum to help them out with a game to play. After cleaning out Gaston’s dirty and very smelly cave it was really bed time. Nanny Plum has a night job though being the tooth fairy, and tonight she had to pick up a tooth from a little girl. Ben & Holly convinced her to take them with her to the Big World to leave the coin and collect the tooth while the little girl with the missing tooth slept.

The little girl, Lucy, was supposed to stay asleep but woke up when the tooth was being moved and was very excited to see real fairies. Nanny Plum casts a magic spell that shrinks Lucy down so that she can join them and go back to the Little Kingdom and see it for herself.

As it was King Thistles birthday they found they elf band practising a song when they arrived which involved more audience participation. The King had a cold and wasn’t very happy about being a year older so he was very grumpy. Nanny Plum, Ben, Holly and Lucy help prepare a magic potion to cure the King’s cold which makes the King feel much better, even though he drinks it instead of rubbing it in! Nanny Plum then gets over excited and decides to make jelly. Guess what happens next, a jelly flood!

We had a great time as usual at Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall, where the staff were smart and courteous, and the venue clean and tidy. It is an easy place to visit too with a multi storey car park next door for easy parking with young children. Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom was a delight to watch and had plenty of sing along songs to keep the children involved. All the favourites were there including plenty of Jelly! A really great show and value for money at 1hr 30 minutes long. A must for any Ben & Holly fan.

Rating: 5/5

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live is currently on tour around the UK, for more information and tour dates visit www.benandhollylive.com.

For other shows at the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells visit www.assemblyhalltheatre.co.uk.

Assembly Hall Theatre, Crescent Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2LU | 01892 530613


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