Beginners Weight Loss Transformation Review

Bob Harper's
Beginner's Weight Loss Transformation

Reviewed by Sandra Reynolds

I received this a couple weeks back now and was determined to give it a go each day for 2 weeks. A few things did get in the way so i did miss a couple of days.

My first try of the DVD I was very very impressed, it was super easy to get into wasn’t too hard like all the other fitness DVD’s out there. Throughout the DVD it’s very easy to keep up with it and he also gives you easier moves if you’re just starting out and if you don’t have weights.

I also cut down on junk and started eating a lot of healthier food and doing this DVD at the same, I’ve actually lost 5 pounds in two weeks.

Super happy, a great DVD and I would 100% recommend to anyone out there!

Rating: 5/5

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