Beat The Parents Review

Beat The Parents

Reviewed by David Savage

We recently received Beat the Parents board game from Spinmaster and could not wait to start playing. After opening the box and familiarising ourselves with the simple rules myself and my niece were ready to go.

In the box:
1x Game Board, 4x Mover Pieces (2x Red, 2x Yellow), 101x Question Cards, 32x Kids Wild Cards, 32x Adults Wild Cards

Beat the Parents is a family board game that pits children against parents (or other adult) where adults answer questions about kids’ stuff and kids answer questions about grown-up stuff.

Set Up
Setting up is very easy, lay the board lengthways across the table with one team red and one team yellow. Put your coloured markers on the start circles. Separate the card into questions, kid wildcards and adult wildcards and give them a good shuffle and then you are ready to play. Setting up takes less than a minute.

Game Play
Kids have to start first so I drew one of the question cards (they have 6 questions on each card, 3 to ask the kids and one to ask the parents). If you answer a question correctly you get another one, up to a maximum of 3, if you get it wrong the card is put back in the pack to the bottom and is then the adults turn and the kid has to ask a question. If you land on your own wild card space you have to follow the instructions on the card and then continue with your turn, if you land on your opponent’s wild card you can only pick a card if it is the end of your turn. The wildcards can be good or bad so you better hope you’re lucky. If you are lucky enough to land on the same space as your opponent you can move their marker backwards 2 spaces. The first team to get both of their markers across the board is the winner.

I found this to be a fun game (even though I did keep losing, I’m certain the questions are designed in the kids favour or is that just sour grapes?) One of my questions was ‘What colour are the triple word squares in Scrabble?” while my niece got “What is Noah’s boat called?” The wildcards are very amusing with “You burn the kids toast” sending you backwards. On average a game lasted about 20 minutes and was great fun for the kids and adults. Very easy to set up with straightforward, easy to understand rules.

Highly recommend for some good family fun and great value for money.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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